Veggies Take Centre Stage

31 Oct
Veggies Take Centre Stage

This week’s meal was prepared by Tokenb0y (TB) our vegetarian. I’m not sure what the main dish was actually called, but I’m naming it “Moroccan Ratatouille”. A tomato sauce, eggplant, garbanzo bean dish with wine in the sauce (the alcohol was cooked off and wine flavour was approved by guests).

Moroccan ratatouille

There were roasted potato bits and a broccoli coleslaw. The coleslaw was made from a recipe on Everybody likes sandwiches.   The potato bits I think are fairly self explanatory, chop potatoes, toss in some green herbs, maybe some oil, roast until done.

A casual reference the day before from TB that he didn’t have a dessert planned, allowed this freefoodbaby (FB) to use up some of the many backyard harvested apples in her house for a giant crisp (9″x13″).

Double recipe of crisp was made for this dinner

Leftovers were definitely not an issue as we inhaled large portions and 2nd servings in record time. Hard to believe there were 3 “ladies” present. To show we had some “class” we displayed and discussed silverware etiquette. We realized there are gaps in our knowledge so there will be more discussion. We wouldn’t want to offend our servants in the future.

Not finished yet, please serve me some more.

I'm finished eating, but did not enjoy the meal

I'm done eating this course, please remove my plate

After a nice interval of GF heating up some gourmet hot chocolate, we descended on the apple crisp. TB knows us well enough to provide Udder Guys ice cream. We finished the pint of ice cream but managed to have 3 large servings of leftover crisp to take home. Crisp makes an excellent and balanced breakfast.


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