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Wow, that’s a lot of chicken!

Wow, that’s a lot of chicken!

The Monday night dinner on Tuesday crowd welcomed one of Coldturkeygurl’s (CTG) dearest friend’s son to join in the fun. Son is attending the University of Victoria studying something extremely clever and, according to him, staying completely out of trouble. CTG did not believe him at all but he wasn’t going to spill the beans! Also attending was CTG’s parents who contributed by making a huge vat of custard (much to TokenBoy’s joy) and aided in the making of a steamed treacle pudding!

It was CTG’s turn to cook so the repast consisted off Teriyaki Chicken, Broccoli Slaw, Jasmine Rice, Mini Bello Mushrooms sauteed with Onions and Steamed Treacle Pudding with Custard.


This is the second time this chicken recipe has made its appearance and was devoured, yet again, in record time. Now that TokenBoy is all veggie and stuff, FreeFoodBaby cooked up some sauce for him on the side to have with his mushrooms. We are nothing but full service here!


The slaw was another dish making its second appearance. When something is so damn tasty, you gotta serve it again. For this version, CTG used toasted walnuts instead of almonds and the dish did not suffer for the substitution.


Another satisfied customer 😉

Dessert was CTG’s most favourite family dessert, Steamed Treacle Pudding with Bird’s Custard and she got a little over-excited when it was unbowled and more treacly goodness was poured over. She calmed down after devouring a huge serving and got her revenge watching TokenBoy eat his birth weight in custard.

We sent Son home with a plate of goodies, a huge food baby and a smile so it was a successful evening 🙂


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Easy peasy Mac & Cheesey

Easy peasy Mac & Cheesey

GlutenFr33k here with a post on my night of cooking on November 8, 2011 I decided to go relatively simple while still adding a little spice to the mix.
The original plan for the meal was going to be GF pork tortiere (sp?) but after wandering some new cooking blogs I’d found and sending some links to CTG I was convinced that the new plan was much better and man was she right.

The new menu was precipitated by the discovery of the recipe for Chocolate Gravy with biscuits. Yes you read that correctly. I had the same double take, thinking someone must be yanking my chain. But no there truly is a recipe for it. From that recipe i perused the rest of the Homesick Texan site and fell in love with the Mac & Cheese recipe. So now that we have the basics and the inspiration on the the modifications;)

I doubled the pasta dish, we’re hungry folk by the time dinner rolls around, and subbed in Pasta Joy’s glutenfree pasta spirals. They were not only what I had on hand but also they’re an awesome direct sub for regular pasta as it cooks the same and has the same texture and flavour. If you hide the package no one would know.


Since we also had two vegetarians in our midst, everyone’s favorite Tokenboy (plus his always welcome girl), I created a bacon free high protein version using quinoa instead of pasta. I cooked the quinoa as per usual and then followed the instructions for the regular Mac and cheese, minus the bacon and pasta of course.


To both “macaroni” dishes I added sautéd leeks and diced tomatoes, red and green peppers because this was less of a side and more of a main meal.

Finally I did a veg side a super healthy recipe from my favourite “magazine” to read Nutrition Action. These guys do their research and have some
really nice recipes. This was a pretty simple brussles sprout recipe.

Essentially, and from memory:
sauté 1-2 diced leeks in ~1tbsp of olive oil, once leeks are translucent add brussles sprouts
-> mine were cleaned and chopped into easy to eat slices.
Continue to sauté until Brussels look nearly done. That nice bright green colour.
Next add a few handfuls of slivered almonds. I’d bought bulk blanched slivered almonds and lightly toasted them earlier in the day.
Stir it all together and dump into a serving bowl.
Then grate ~ 1/2 a lemons worth of rind over veggies (avoid the white stuff) and squeeze about 1/2 a lemons worth of juice over top.
Give it one final mix and then serve.

This is a simple but tasty recipe. Even after eating all that food and with the promise of chocolate gravy and biscuits Tokenboy couldn’t resist finishing off the sprouts right then and there.

Now finally for dessert I followed the homesick Texan’s recipe to the letter minus the flour. I tried out tapioca starch instead. And in my impatience for it to thicken added too much and ended up with thicker gravy. I think next time I’ll go for arrowroot flour or possibly even just sweet rice flour. And of course try to be more patient.

For the biscuits I found an GF biscuit recipe. It’s a great recipe and I only modified it a little in that I used sweet rice flour (due to the texture), i also added 1tsp of egg replacer and I turned the milk into buttermilk using vinegar in the hopes of making them a bit puffy.

These biscuits are super buttery, tasty and a bit chewy fresh from the oven. But they worked great with the gravy.


The only change I’d make when attempting this recipe, and I know it’ll shock any who’ve done GF baking, is make them a day in advance and store them in the fridge.
This miraculously turns slightly chewy biscuits into flakey wonderful buttery joy. Almost like a puff pastry only a bit heavier. They’re awesome! If i do say so myself 😉


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Curry Delight

Sweet Buddha this week’s dinner was good!  There was a curry chickpea dish, a curry vegetable dish, white rice shaped like a bowl, a wicked peanut sauce plus Thai basal and crushed peanuts as garnishes, and baked apples with custard for dessert.  Oh yeah, and something about a dead bird chicken too.

table full of curry

Curry dinner hits the table

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