Curry Delight

04 Nov

Sweet Buddha this week’s dinner was good!  There was a curry chickpea dish, a curry vegetable dish, white rice shaped like a bowl, a wicked peanut sauce plus Thai basal and crushed peanuts as garnishes, and baked apples with custard for dessert.  Oh yeah, and something about a dead bird chicken too.

table full of curry

Curry dinner hits the table

FreeFoodBaby went all out for this meal, she even made her own curry spice mix from scratch for this meal!  I got some of it to take home, which made me very happy.  The peanut sauce was another highlight and it came from an old favourite recipe of ColdTurkeyGurl’s.  Maybe she’ll post the recipe in the comments section…

my dinner plate full of curry and rice

My delicious plate

One of the best things about dinner this week was the plentiful leftovers.  I love leftovers because it means I get a free lunch sometime over the next day or two, and who doesn’t love a free lunch?  Even ColdTurkeyGurl wanted a free curry lunch, and she normally hates leftovers of anything.

pots full of curry on the stove

Leftovers are awesome!

For dessert we had local green apples stuffed and baked with custard on top.  I love custard, so I had extra custard on mine and I even licked the bowl clean as I was doing dishes at the end of the night.  As the token boy of the group I’m allowed to do things like this.

my dessert bowl full of baked apples with 3 scoops of custard

Baked apples and custard for dessert

The evening ended with Wii games where fun was had by all, young and old.  Turns out I suck at Wii.  I was out-bowled by FreeFoodBaby and suffered the only knockout in Wii boxing at the hands of ColdTurkeyGurl.  No pictures of that to save me the embarrassment.

Recipe link for Panang (veggie) curry


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2 responses to “Curry Delight

  1. Andrea

    November 8, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Ha! I found you guys!

    • coldturkeygurl

      November 10, 2011 at 3:28 pm

      teehee 🙂


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