Uh Oh Spaghetto O!

15 Dec

A little behind on this one, with the December Christmas and birthday rush. On 29-Nov-11, I (freefoodbaby) decided that Spaghetti bolognaise would be excellent comfort food as winter begins to set in on the rainy West Coast.

With help hosting from Friend and her Husband there was lots and lots of food for all our guests. 8 people were around for dinner with options for veggie and gluten free. Interestingly the gluten free (2) people could not have the vegetarian dish since veggie ground round contains wheat. Friend and Husband provided a lovely ceasar salad with real Parm cheese and bacon bits, also garlic bread.

mmmm added bacon

There was a gluten-free rosemary focacia bread made from a Bob’s Red Mill pizza dough mix.

I used Pasta Joy brown rice spaghetti style pasta for everyone to eat. It was on sale. One note when making brown rice pasta; it takes longer than regular pasta and will require extra rinsing as it makes the boiling water look a little sludgy. Tastes fine though.

Dessert was provided by Coldturkeygurl’s parents, custard. Again. TokenBoy was terribly upset, but manfully found room to eat a couple of helpings. This time around the custard was served with fresh fruit, on/over/in puffed pastries. The pastries were the pre-made freezer kind. They baked up great and were all full of GLUTEN =)

Good food leads to good times and it was a wonderful evening. Bacon bits added a great addition to some of the meat eaters spaghetti. Cause really, bacon makes most anything better.

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