Life is Short, eat dessert first

18 Dec

In honour of the anniversary of our awesomeness…ok it was just our birthdays. Coldturkeygurl (CTG) and freefoodbaby (FFB) decided that instead of taking a turn to cook for our friends, we could invite lots of friends and get them to feed us.

So Monday night dinner on Tuesday December 13th became a dessert pot luck. Realizing that a lot of sweets can be hard on the tummy, we allowed cheese and crackers into the mix, European style. It was lovely there was peppercorn goat cheese, hot red pepper jelly w/cream cheese and crackers, bruschetta, sweet potato flour cupcakes (my personal favourite), ice cream, chips, pretzels, pretzel things covered in peanut butter chocolate and DQ treats (my OTHER personal favourite).

We had a movie we could have put on, but it turned out to be a nice night of visiting and merriment. Having our birthdays so close to Christmas we were both prepared to share the spotlight with holiday greetings.

It turns out we were so busy visiting and enjoying ourselves there are no photos to share here with you.

Happy Birthday to me =)


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