15 Apr

CTG made us a meaty – slightly veggie meal of fabulousness.

Menu: Slow cooker short-ribs; Parmesan garlic mashed potatoes; cooked cauliflower & carrots; gluten free coconut milk chocolate mousse w/mint chocolate chip ice cream

For TB (TokenBoy) there were portabello mushroom caps fried in the skillet with sauce from the ribs. They would have also been tasty fried in teryaki sauce.

CTG mixed less expensive stir-fry beef cuts in with the short ribs so that she could afford the portabello mushrooms.

The short ribs recipe was modified for the slow cooker from the Michael Smith’s Kitchen cookbook.

The Parmesan mashed potatoes were also adapted from Michael Smith’s Kitchen.

The cauliflower and carrots were boiled but still had the crunchy centre and GF made the coconut milk chocolate mousse.

There were some modifications that we made to the interweb recipe for the chocolate mousse, the can of coconut milk was refrigerated without being opened. And honey was the sweetener to taste as none of us use stevia. The ice cream was left over from our potluck birthday bash in December and it was nice to have it used up.

Updated: I found this in ‘drafts’ thinking there were photo’s available for it….at least the recipes are here. This meal was made back in early January or February 2012.


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