Vegetarians 1, Meatatarians 0

09 May
Vegetarians 1, Meatatarians 0

Date: 9-May-12

Menu: Funion Mushroom Sauce bake(s); green beans; rice; apple pie for dessert

Created by: freefoodbaby (FFB)

Sometimes we make our vegetarian (TB) fend for himself (for protein), sometimes we just make vegetarian meals. This week my vegetarian option/experiment turned out to be the better recipe. A better balance of flavours and really just extremely tasty. I was happy to take my leftover pork chop home, but am still surprised at how much more I liked my substitute black bean dish.

The inspiration for this week’s menu was what CTG and I refer to as “church” food. I’m not sure why I call it “church” food as I’ve never really been to a church service. We mean those classic pot luck dishes we remember from dining at community events with our families when we were younger. Some of those things I’m surprised to admit I even like now, while I just played with it as a kid, jello salad anyone? We got to talking about canned onion rings. Had any of us ever seen them before they were on food? Where was the canned onion ring’s natural habitat? That last question may have been in my head. I resolved I would use this ingredient in my next Monday Night Dinner.

Not knowing what these canned onion rings were called I started calling them “funions”. Turns out they are French’s french fried onions, and they aren’t in a can. They live in a “stay-fresh” plastic container with a tin foil seal. Also, they can be found in the canned vegetable aisle of most grocery stores. The most common recipe I found for these was a green bean casserole. I decided to branch out on my own with a home-made take on pork chops baked with mushroom soup and onions (Funions?).

My original thought for our vegetarian was a BIG mushroom cap (Portobello) stuffed with the fresh creamy mushroom sauce. But, I bought shiitake mushrooms and didn’t want to spend the big bucks on more fancy mushrooms. So I grabbed a can of black beans and went with it.

By the time I finished cooking funions was starting to stand for F&*#ing lot of onions. Anyway both the meatatarian and vegetarian dishes started the same, half of a sweet onion sliced thinly in half rounds on the bottom of a casserole dish. Then the protein 5 chops in one, 1 can black beans in the other. Then I made the sauce (recipe to follow). Half over the pork chops, half over the beans. Covered in tinfoil and into a 350° oven for 30 minutes, remove the tinfoil and shake your canned french fried onions (half went on meat half went on beans) and bake for another 20 min. I’m not sure the beans needed all the baking time but the sauce was nicely thickened from it.

I had some bell peppers that needed to be eaten so I sautéed up more sweet onion and added the diced bell peppers at the last-minute so they didn’t get squishy in the oven. This I spread on top of the baked dish and it gave it nice colour.

Meaty goodness


Whenever I make apple pie the pastry recipe I like to use makes enough for 3 large pies, so I prepare 3 pies, bake one and freeze the others for future use. This week was future use.


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