White guy – no fusion Vegetarian week

09 May

Date: 2-May-12

Menu: Secret ingredient stir-fry; quinoa; Lemon Sauce’n’Cake with GF frozen coconut mousse and strawberries.

We decided to be sociable people this week and therefore had somewhere to be at 8pm so we challenged TB (TokenBoy) to make us food for 6pm so that we could go out. He didn’t disappoint. Although technically we still didn’t eat until 7 pm.

Watching a boy make stir-fry is like watching a pro. I think stir-fry is a dish that any man who has learned to cook for himself has mastered.
TB had assistance with the prep work. We chopped part of one of the biggest zucchinis seen yet this year. Also carrots and broccoli were prepped for TB. Meanwhile he was chopping some fresh Shitake mushrooms and frying up some firm tofu.

Then we sat with Nachos and Salsa and watched the stir-fry creation, the pan was pre-heated with oil. The vegetables were added, then some sauces and spices, then water for steam, then the next round of veggies. It really is an art form. Apparently the secret ingredient for an extra tasty stir-fry is mirin. We are fairly certain from reading the label that it was the alcohol free kind we used.

It was a high protein kinda meal with tofu and black beans served on quinoa. Healthy and delicious it still left a reasonable amount of room for dessert.

I think that Lemon Sauce’n’Cake is my favourite. Having now tried all the flavours lemon seems to me to be the best. In a bowl with frozen coconut milk chocolate mousse (frozen because it never set right when I, FFB, made it) and fresh sliced strawberries it was delicious.

Then we went to hang out at the pub and talk Outdoor Van Isle sports, hiking, camping and travel.

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