Something’s fishy with this dinner

16 May

Date: 16-May-2012

Menu: Tilapia w/cilantro lime sauce; watermelon feta salad; Basmati rice: ice cream (non-dairy frozen dessert) crepes

Creator of this deliciousness: Glutenfr33k

When CTG heard that tilapia was a white fish, she was not so sure she was excited about this week’s dining experience. After trying the skillet fried, flaky filets (nice alliteration huh?) she even made it back for seconds. I think it had something to do with the avocado sauce/pesto and tomato with green onion chunky salsa that made it such a hit.

This week even TB was in on the protein action as the fish was certified wild caught, not farmed.

GF found the recipe in her latest issue of Nutrition Action, one of my favourite Canadian publications. I believe that there was an additional avocado added to our sauce. Very summery and fresh, we hid some white rice under the lettuce leaves too because we eat late, which tends to make us hungry. The watermelon feta salad appeared again this week. We were all very happy to eat as much as we could stuff ourselves with. A very colorful and summery dish.

For dessert there was Coconut Bliss non-dairy frozen dessert (coconut milk ice cream) “Chocolate, hazelnut fudge” flavour. With fresh gf crepes.

mmmm fresh from the pan

Add Tasty frozen dessert

Nothin’ left but the plate


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