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Last supper, but not really

Date: 30-May-12

Menu: Bangers’n’Mash; peas; green beans; ice cream for dessert.

Creator of deliciousness: TokenBoy (TB)

TB is soon to leave our local area for a few months so this dinner was most likely the last one he would have to make for us. He went all out with soy sausages AND meatatarian sausages so that GF could have some too. The mashed potatoes were fancy with browned butter, green onions and no cream. With that much butter involved the mash was delicious.

The soy protein sausages had a really nice spice to them but the meat protein sausages had better texture. I’m not sure what brands were used but I kept eating my serving even after I was full.

Dessert was Udder Guys brand ice cream, which we initially thought was an extra special extravagance for the last meal. Turns out it was on sale, but felt extravagant anyway. There were choices between coffee, and chai tea flavours.

So far we can still expect TB to eat with us but we will miss our TokenBoy when he travels away.

Updated: 10-June-2012 CONGRATULATIONS TB on the birth of your healthy baby daughter =)


A return of dinners past…in a good way

Date: 23-May-12

Menu: Fresh raw carrots and cauliflower w/dip; simple tomato sauce w/pasta; spicy Italian sausages; bakery buns

Creator of deliciousness: ColdTurkeyGirl (CTG)

This week, a recipe from dinners past was revisited. CTG felt that the first attempt at this sauce may not have followed the correct ingredients list from her Michael Smith’s Kitchen cookbook. So it was attempted again. Very tasty. This sauce is wonderful for someone with a picky eater to cater too. Completely vegetarian, the onion is quartered and cooked in the tomatoes and spices, then removed before serving. This way you get the richness of flavour but no giant onion chunks. I thought we should save the cooked onion for a soup, but I’m not sure they made it to the freezer.


There were sausages fried up for those of us who eat meat, and a single serving of brown rice pasta cooked for GF. Good old regular spaghetti was around for the rest of us.

Also as a special treat for use gluten eaters, buttery dinner rolls from the grocery store bakery. They were warmed in the oven and complimented the food very well.

I (FFB) lucked out with the leftovers for office lunch.


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