A taste of summer since the weather’s not co-operating

14 Jul

Date: 6-Jun-12

Menu: GF baked, breaded chicken; simple cucumber salad; black bean and corn salad; potato salad; guacamole and corn chips; strawberries and watermelon were available, but not eaten.

Creator of deliciousness: FFB

Once again we had a social obligation after dinner so this week was an eat and run style event. TB was double booked so he stayed away this week.

My goal was picnic inspired foods that would pack up fast and be tasty as leftovers. I was kind of hoping to picnic but the weather would not cooperate.

The few days before dinner, I had been getting home from work starving, so when I saw avacados on sale I picked them up and talked CTG into making some guacamole for us. She has the best recipe which I will post later.

We had been talking about GF breadcrumbs to buy and so I went specialty shopping to pick some up. Imagine my surprise to learn I appear to have purchased really expensive cornmeal. When I bake chicken like this again, I will use regular super cheap cornmeal for the crispy layer.A family package of skin-on chicken drumsticks was baked after dredging through an egg mixture and shaken in a freezer bag with my spiced cornmeal.

I grabbed a dressing recipe from Everybody Likes Sandwiches and added some cauliflower to a potato salad. I should have doubled the dressing recipe but it was tasty. There was also simple cucumber salad. Sliced, salted and sweated then rinsed and into cider vinegar and sugar with green onion. Finally a black bean and corn salad with a simple lemon juice and oil style dressing, lots of cilantro and more green onion.

Lovely summery and colourful. Also quick to eat and put away as we headed out to talk outdoor adventure with the OVI folks.


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