Sweet Shepherd’s Pie

15 Jul

Date: 13-Jun-12

Menu: Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie; Spinach Salad w/Raspberry vinaigrette

Creator of Deliciousness: Glutenfr33k (GF)

Well I’ve been away, but the last Monday Night Dinner before I left was a tasty evening.

I’m not actually sure where GF found the recipes for our repast but they were pretty simple.

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie was basically a traditional ground beef filling made healthy with parsnips and turnip. Instead of normal mashed potatoes the top was mashed sweet potatoes. A nice fresh twist on an old standby.

When I find the dressing recipe it will be posted as it was a lovely raspberry vinaigrette. Bright pink in colour it had a nice balance with the goat chesse in the spinach salad.

Then we all took a few weeks off. CTG and I actually traveled together for a bit and GF had family visiting. Highlights from our travels will be discussed soon.


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