It was on sale – a store inspired dinner

10 Aug
It was on sale – a store inspired dinner

Menu: Miso-ginger marinated pork chops; tarty chard; summer cukes; baby potatoes; and fresh watermelon.

Creator of deliciousness: freefoodbaby (FFB)

For the first time I was kind of uninspired as my turn to cook came around. We’ve taken some time off due to summer busyness but got our acts together this week. I just got back from another great weekend mini-break and I’m still kind of in vacation mode. So with my cupboards bare, I set off to the store.

I had enough time to do some “specialty” shopping with separate stops for produce, meat and treats.

Without inspiration it was all about what was on sale and looking fresh. Luckily the sale items made me start thinking good dinner foods, cucumbers with fresh dill for a lightly vinegary summer salad. New potatoes and chard to round out the meal. Also lots of mushrooms ’cause I love them sauteed in butter.

With the addition of New Person (NP – still discussing name options) we also have to consider not using onion in our dishes. Apparently minced in a soup, burger mix, or sauce is OK but fresh saute with mushrooms would be a problem.

Off to my next stops – the drugstore for normal errands followed by my favourite meat counter for good sales. Butterfly cut pork chops found their way into my cart and some peach lemonade by Santa Cruz. I had put aside some beer and cider from my travels, for us drinkers, and felt that special beverages should be available for everyone.

Now that I had my groceries it was time to figure out what to do with them. The pork chops were nice cuts of meat and I was tempted to just fry them with pepper but I’ve done that for this group before so I opened the fridge looking for marinade fixings. I found miso paste, peach lemonade, soy sauce, ginger marmalade and worcestershire sauce. A strange combination when seen grouped on the counter but I decided to go for it and I think we’re all glad I did.

The cucumbers, with the addition of fresh dill are the same recipe as tastes of summer.

For the chard I discovered how awesome palm sugar really is. I like to steam/fry chard with lemon, vinegar and usually honey. From now on palm sugar will be my friend. While trying to have everything prepped to cook as needed I ended up with the chard in my pan first. I usually heat a little oil and make my sweetened balsamic vinegar before adding the greens. I crumbled about 1/2 Tbsp palm sugar over the bite size chard and watched it dissolve when just barely touched by steam. So tasty, light and sweet. Palm sugar is something I’ve only recently discovered and I keep finding reasons that it’s awesome.

GF had been doing some baking and brought us some leftover dessert to add to the watermelon I bought. GF has also been making the most of the blackberries and brought virgin gin fizz fixings. The beer and cider (and NAB for CTG) complimented the meal nicely.


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