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beans beans, they make you….

Menu: Hearty Ham and Lentil soup; GF cornbread

Creator of deliciousness: CTG

In my experiences ham soup has always been a salty dish best served with biscuits and a large amount of water. However, this weeks creation by CTG was delicious. There was a balance of ham and lentils that made for a filling and hearty bowl. I’m told that tomato juice was used instead of soup stock; spinach was added and about 1 tsp of better than bullion beef flavour made it in there too. Being a mature crowd with a lentil soup you can tell from the title we kept dinner conversation to economics, politics and current events. I swear, we really did.

GF was kind enough to make us a pan of gf chipotle corn bread which was a wonderful complement with butter dipped in our soup.

We added Friend (without Husband) to our crowd this week as we all had a pub to adjourn to.



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Extravagent Flip

Menu: Rotisserie Crown-rib Roast; Roasted Potato Green Bean Salad; GF Yorkshire Puddings

Creator of deliciousness: New Person (NP)

We lucked out at this dinner that roast beast was on sale and looking tasty when NP went shopping for our dinner. Rotisserie cooking leaves a beautiful moist and evenly cooked meat. My only sadness on this one was that there wasn’t much juice for a gravy. We made do with what was available and ate in complete silence. Well mostly, we probably should have left CTG alone with her meal.

The roast beef received a garlic spice rub before getting skewered onto the rotisserie contraption. It was 1.5 Tbsp oil with 6 cloves fresh garlic minced made into a paste with salt and pepper added.

The roasted baby potatoes with steamed green beans as a warm salad really rounded out the meal for us all to have little food babies. The only comment I have regarding the recipe is NP used balsamic vinegar and I highly recommend it.

It was tough but we managed to leave some leftovers for NP to make sandwiches or leftover anything for us to be jealous of the rest of the week.


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Thanksgiving – high-living orphans

Menu: Pot-luck

Host of our Deliciousness: Friend and Husband

This year we managed to join family and friends for an excellent thanksgiving feast. Friend and Husband have recently moved to larger place that gives them space to have 11 people show up for dinner.

Their contribution was the spiral cut ham. If you’ve never had the joy of serving spiral cut ham I think you should try it. It’s slightly more expensive for weight but the ease of serving is awesome. I’m looking forward to hopefully being invited to the soup that will be made from the leftover bone.

There was also 2 separate loaves of homemade bread; veggies and dip; quinoa in roasted squash, scalloped potatoes; sweet potato crisp; lemon pepper roasted brussel sprouts; fancy bakery pumpkin pie with whipped cream and 2 apple pies (1 was gluten free pastry)

The standouts for me were the bread, sweet potato crisp ’cause we miss the parental Peddle’s (family recipe) and the brussel sprouts. I have always enjoyed brussel sprouts but these ones were even enjoyed by a few people who said they didn’t like them.

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So good it took 2 sittings

Menu: Hoisin(?) pork lettuce wraps; green beans; Evil fried rice; Caramel sauce and Ice cream for dessert.

Creator of deliciousness: Me (FFB)

Sometimes I think there are more hours in the day than there really are. I wrapped up a busy weekend this Sunday by making, serving and eating, eating and running (yes that’s 2 stops of eating for me) MND.

My lettuce wrap recipe was loosely based on the Canadian Living recipe from the July 2012 issue. I was feeding 10 ppl so I didn’t really want to fork out the cash for Shiitake mushrooms. Also, tried making my own hoisin sauce from this recipe on the internet. I will admit it was a tasty sauce, not really hoisin, but tasty. I did use the internet search from my smartphone as I could not find a premade sauce at the grocery store. With our groups food restrictions it was unlikely I could use store bought anyway. This week with guests I was working, alcohol free, gluten free, wheat free, corn free, no onions and a vegetarian option. I admit I cheated, there were small bits of green onion sauteed into the base. I also checked with our no onion person before I did it.

The vegetarian option was the same wraps with black beans substituted for pork. Yes, you guessed it – TokenBoy was in town for us to dine with. We also got to see CTG’s “nephew” over to enjoy a home cooked meal instead of student living/dining.

The first sitting of dinner were 3 guests with a timeline, visitors from Portland who had to catch the 7:30pm ferry I wanted to send them off on their long trip home with nice food in their belly. Only because I didn’t want to be rude I sat and had a plate of food with them before they were driven off to the ferry and I continued to prepare the rest of dinner for round 2.

Since I was feeding in two sittings I cheated on my fried rice by scrambling the eggs first. I ended up making 3 cups of rice on the stove top. I put about half the rice into the frying pan and added half of my scrambled eggs, 1 cup of frozen mixed vegetables which had corn, so our corn allergy Portlandian was stuck with just white rice. I also added 1 tsp of butter and 4 tbsp of soy sauce. I “fried” until the veggies were warm and the soy sauce was evenly distributed. Then I ground a few turns of black pepper on the whole thing. I think it worked out well. So, I didn’t change anything when I did round 2.

The green beans, bravely prepared by a Portlandian guest (he told me the knife left a dent in his thumb), were just steamed on the stove and served.

After my 2nd dinner with the 2nd sitting, I ran away before dessert to do some work and everyone had some ice cream w/caramel sauce that GF had made the day before.

TB – you asked how I got my scrambled eggs so fluffy and I didn’t really finish telling you so, for this instance 5 eggs were broken into a cereal bowl. Yokes were broken with a fork and lightly beaten. Then the beaten eggs were poured into a lightly greased (this time maybe a 1/2 tsp canola oil, usually butter) hot pan. I let the bottom layer start to sizzle and then scramble with the spatula, sometime the next 30-60 seconds things will start to look mostly cooked, this is when I turn off the element and let the residual heat finish the cooking.



Pie for dinner with extras from the fridge

Menu: Heritage tomato and lime ricotta pie; everything ripe in the fridge salad; chocolate chips and clotted cream on the spoon for dessert.

Creator of deliciousness: GF (glutenfr33k)

This week GF went all out with the from scratch cookin’. Made her own ricotta cheese as well as modified pastry recipes to gluten free.


Heritage tomato tart recipe (I’ll post the modified pastry recipe soon)
Homemade ricotta recipe

A side dish was needed for all this tasty cheese and tomatoes, so the hunt for salad makings began. There were so many choices that GF went with EVERYTHING. There were green beans; peaches; Hinden? grapes; cucumber and a slapdash vinaigrette (lime juice, balsamic vinegar; olive oil and time) The crunch and fruit mixture was very pleasing and light. Paired very well with the rich main. So well presented that pre-dinner snacking was unavoidable.

A well thought out dessert was provided as an open bag of organic milk chocolate chips to grab a handful and a teaspoon of clotted cream. Dishes were saved as hand and spoon was all that was needed.

This meal was given 2 thumbs up and a hearty burp from CTG. This review was seconded by FFB when dinner was delivered to her at work. And we’re assuming 3rd-ed by NP via email.