Pie for dinner with extras from the fridge

01 Oct

Menu: Heritage tomato and lime ricotta pie; everything ripe in the fridge salad; chocolate chips and clotted cream on the spoon for dessert.

Creator of deliciousness: GF (glutenfr33k)

This week GF went all out with the from scratch cookin’. Made her own ricotta cheese as well as modified pastry recipes to gluten free.


Heritage tomato tart recipe (I’ll post the modified pastry recipe soon)
Homemade ricotta recipe

A side dish was needed for all this tasty cheese and tomatoes, so the hunt for salad makings began. There were so many choices that GF went with EVERYTHING. There were green beans; peaches; Hinden? grapes; cucumber and a slapdash vinaigrette (lime juice, balsamic vinegar; olive oil and time) The crunch and fruit mixture was very pleasing and light. Paired very well with the rich main. So well presented that pre-dinner snacking was unavoidable.

A well thought out dessert was provided as an open bag of organic milk chocolate chips to grab a handful and a teaspoon of clotted cream. Dishes were saved as hand and spoon was all that was needed.

This meal was given 2 thumbs up and a hearty burp from CTG. This review was seconded by FFB when dinner was delivered to her at work. And we’re assuming 3rd-ed by NP via email.


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