So good it took 2 sittings

02 Oct

Menu: Hoisin(?) pork lettuce wraps; green beans; Evil fried rice; Caramel sauce and Ice cream for dessert.

Creator of deliciousness: Me (FFB)

Sometimes I think there are more hours in the day than there really are. I wrapped up a busy weekend this Sunday by making, serving and eating, eating and running (yes that’s 2 stops of eating for me) MND.

My lettuce wrap recipe was loosely based on the Canadian Living recipe from the July 2012 issue. I was feeding 10 ppl so I didn’t really want to fork out the cash for Shiitake mushrooms. Also, tried making my own hoisin sauce from this recipe on the internet. I will admit it was a tasty sauce, not really hoisin, but tasty. I did use the internet search from my smartphone as I could not find a premade sauce at the grocery store. With our groups food restrictions it was unlikely I could use store bought anyway. This week with guests I was working, alcohol free, gluten free, wheat free, corn free, no onions and a vegetarian option. I admit I cheated, there were small bits of green onion sauteed into the base. I also checked with our no onion person before I did it.

The vegetarian option was the same wraps with black beans substituted for pork. Yes, you guessed it – TokenBoy was in town for us to dine with. We also got to see CTG’s “nephew” over to enjoy a home cooked meal instead of student living/dining.

The first sitting of dinner were 3 guests with a timeline, visitors from Portland who had to catch the 7:30pm ferry I wanted to send them off on their long trip home with nice food in their belly. Only because I didn’t want to be rude I sat and had a plate of food with them before they were driven off to the ferry and I continued to prepare the rest of dinner for round 2.

Since I was feeding in two sittings I cheated on my fried rice by scrambling the eggs first. I ended up making 3 cups of rice on the stove top. I put about half the rice into the frying pan and added half of my scrambled eggs, 1 cup of frozen mixed vegetables which had corn, so our corn allergy Portlandian was stuck with just white rice. I also added 1 tsp of butter and 4 tbsp of soy sauce. I “fried” until the veggies were warm and the soy sauce was evenly distributed. Then I ground a few turns of black pepper on the whole thing. I think it worked out well. So, I didn’t change anything when I did round 2.

The green beans, bravely prepared by a Portlandian guest (he told me the knife left a dent in his thumb), were just steamed on the stove and served.

After my 2nd dinner with the 2nd sitting, I ran away before dessert to do some work and everyone had some ice cream w/caramel sauce that GF had made the day before.

TB – you asked how I got my scrambled eggs so fluffy and I didn’t really finish telling you so, for this instance 5 eggs were broken into a cereal bowl. Yokes were broken with a fork and lightly beaten. Then the beaten eggs were poured into a lightly greased (this time maybe a 1/2 tsp canola oil, usually butter) hot pan. I let the bottom layer start to sizzle and then scramble with the spatula, sometime the next 30-60 seconds things will start to look mostly cooked, this is when I turn off the element and let the residual heat finish the cooking.



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