Extravagent Flip

30 Oct

Menu: Rotisserie Crown-rib Roast; Roasted Potato Green Bean Salad; GF Yorkshire Puddings

Creator of deliciousness: New Person (NP)

We lucked out at this dinner that roast beast was on sale and looking tasty when NP went shopping for our dinner. Rotisserie cooking leaves a beautiful moist and evenly cooked meat. My only sadness on this one was that there wasn’t much juice for a gravy. We made do with what was available and ate in complete silence. Well mostly, we probably should have left CTG alone with her meal.

The roast beef received a garlic spice rub before getting skewered onto the rotisserie contraption. It was 1.5 Tbsp oil with 6 cloves fresh garlic minced made into a paste with salt and pepper added.

The roasted baby potatoes with steamed green beans as a warm salad really rounded out the meal for us all to have little food babies. The only comment I have regarding the recipe is NP used balsamic vinegar and I highly recommend it.

It was tough but we managed to leave some leftovers for NP to make sandwiches or leftover anything for us to be jealous of the rest of the week.


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