White girl – Thai Fusion

01 Nov

Menu: Cashew Chicken; Sweet Potato Chick Pea Curry; rice; fresh baked apple pie

Creator of deliciousness: FFB

With fall rains officially settling in, and the promise of a larger group for MND this week, I went with large servings of comfort food. I originally thought that TB would join us so I planned sweet potato chick pea curry, an easy mildly spiced dish that makes great leftovers. I had thought I would aim for a spicier curried meat, but my thoughts at the store were filled with cashew chicken (fancy stir fry).

Then guests dropped out like flies in the rain, TB had obligations, NP felt hibernation was necessary. This meant more leftovers for me. Maybe GF too, she’s been pretty nice to me.

Sweet Potato Chick Pea Curry is a dish I make often in the winter. Using random curry pastes and powders from my fridge and cupboards it is always a little bit different and yet the same. First I oven roast bite size pieces of sweet potato, Then I throw them and a can of rinsed chick peas in a pot. Then I open a can of coconut milk, pour half in the pot, then add 1 tsp of my dry curry mix(es), and 1 Tbsp of each Patak’s curry paste from my fridge. I stir that and then add to the pot. I usually add another half can of water to make sure all my spicy mixture makes it into the pot. Then I warm it all through and serve.

For the cashew chicken I precooked bite size bits of 9 chicken thighs, then added chopped veggies for about 4 minutes, then added my fancy sauce and let it all cook together for another 3-4 minutes. The sauce thickened up like a dream (a first for my homemade attempts). I could have put the cashews in the wok but let people add their own, also there was fresh Thai basil for the cashew chicken.

If anyone cares the rice was made on the stove top and scooped into a ramekin and then plopped on the plate. That’s how I got it stand so well on its own.

There was an incident earlier in the week causing our communal deep freeze to malfunction, so I had been catching one of my frozen apple pies every time I opened my fridge freezer. I figured I could solve this game of catch by baking it up for our group dinner. No one seemed to mind.


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