Hearty Vegetarian Pasta Bake….on the Stovetop

27 Nov

Menu: Hearty Pasta; GF Garlic Focacia; chocolate truffles

Creator of Deliciousness: GF

After a week of everyone feeling kinda run-down. GF’s creation for dinner was hearty, warming and exactly what a body needed. Chick peas for protein with quinoa based gf (gluten free) pasta, this one pot wonder of a dinner was great.

We had a guest this week, Another Pat (AP) who was kind enough to provide a bottle of wine for those of us that drink to enjoy. By Cupcake vineyards it was a sweeter wine with a fruity bouquet. I think it was an excellent pairing with the pasta dish. The wine also went well with the lemon and thyme chocolate truffles.

GF Focacia was made using garlic oil, which complemented the pasta very well.

Hearty Pasta: Leeks and zucchini were sauteed in a large pot. 2 cups of broth (chicken in our case), 1 large can crushed tomatoes. 1 cup slow roasted tomatoes, 6 servings of dry pasta, diced red peppers were added to the pot. Lid was placed on and it cooked until done. Turned out delicious.

Dinner was finished off with Dark Chocolate Lemon Thyme Truffles. Made the day before by GF. These also paired well with the wine. A group of much more cheerful folks left that evening, some of us with leftovers for lunch the next day.


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