Breakfast for Dinner – high protein and almost healthy

06 Dec

Menu: Sausage’n’Sweet Potato Frittata; cheesy scones; UTI GF English Muffin; fresh bell pepper strips; reduced salt chips; Snowballs TM

Creator of deliciousness: CTG

This week it was announced we were having breakfast for dinner. After checking with NP, CTG decided to go ahead with finely diced onions, disguised with shredded sweet potato. This is a frittata recipe I approve of, because you add the eggs and start them cooking on the stove top, then once the edges are looking cooked, into the oven for a nice golden top and to finish the centre. I’m the person at the diner ordering my eggs “cooked over-hard and by hard I mean dead.” So I like the extra cooking time.

CTG cooked the sausage meat, onions and sweet potato earlier in the day and let the flavours mellow in the fridge for a few hours. I recommend this if you have the time. It cut cooking time at dinner and allowed the  flavours to blend really well with a certain sweetness.

The cheesy scones and GF emglish muffin were oven toasted and served hot w/softened butter. The bell pepper strips were raw and made sure we really all got our veggies.

201212 breakfast for dinner

GF brought the Snowballs (a British/Newfie treat). We lucked out ’cause they didn’t fit in the shipment of a care package for family members that love them. A Snowball is marshmellow fluff, encased in chocolate “flavoured” coating, rolled in coconut. This makes them low fat, but don’t be fooled, lots of calories and sugar in these treats.

Photo: taken, edited and used with permission of GlutenFr33k


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