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Guinea Pigs, but not as food

Menu: Rotisserie Turkey; roasted potato and green bean salad; nachos & salsa

Creator of deliciousness: New Person

NP signed up to host family Christmas dinner this year and decided to see if her rotisserie was up to the task of flippy turkey. Happy news for us. That baby can handle 9 lbs of turkey goodness.

There were no photo’s of this feat, but we didn’t leave much evidence.

The baby roasted potatoes with green beans warm salad made a re-appearance and because cooking times ran a bit long we munched some nachos and salsa too.

I think you will find us signed up to act as guinea pigs again anytime.


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Garlic comes later

Menu: Bacon wrapped, paleo friendly Meatloaf; sauteed beet greens; chili roasted vegetables; apple crisp

Creator of delicousness: FFB

This weeks dinner kept us honest on portion sizes as the high protein meatloaf was very filling. We were all feeling hungry and served ourselves 2 slices of meatloaf each. The high protein made it only possible to eat 1 slice. There were discussions with a friend of what to use in place of bread crumbs or rolled oats if one has adopted the Paleo-dietary lifestyle. A quick internet search showed potential success with almond meal or coconut flour. Because meat loaf was said out loud on the phone, I think another household had meatloaf for dinner.

I will post the recipe as I wish I had made it. Our onion hater was absent this week so I went heavy on the onions in the meatloaf. When I make this next I will soften/saute the onions and garlic before adding them to the raw mixture. We decided the garlic flavour would be noticeable in the leftovers or as we indelicately discovered……garlic came later……in burps.

Veggie sides for this dinner were plain and simple, oven roasted zucchini, parsnips, turnips and carrots. Tossed with olive oil and lightly dusted with chili flakes for a bit of kick. The beat greens were added because I really only like to eat them the day I bring them home from the store. My fridge tends to wilt greens very quickly. I stovetop steamed them with a little palm sugar.

paleo friendly meatloaf


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More of Them than Us

Menu: Paleo-Friendly Chicken Stew: mashed sweet potatoes: biscuits (for the non-paleo)

Creator of Deliciousness: FFB

This week I was considering making Chicken Pot Pie for MND. As the week progressed and I invited folks working on Paleo style eating I decided I could make chicken stew more easily. Since I was making a hearty meal I was generous with my invites, in the end with GF traveling and CT busy, there were 6 ppl for dinner but only NP and I to hold the MND standard. We were able to save a serving for CT as she graciously allowed me the use of her apartment even though she wasn’t there.


chicken stewI also tried something new with the biscuits. Using one of my favourite recipes from Everybody Likes Sandwiches I halved all the ingredients. This made 6 biscuits and that way we didn’t tempt the Paleo style eaters too badly with our tasty flaky biscuits.



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Simple Dinner

Menu: Apricot and walnut stuffed roast pork; parsnips and brussel sprouts around the roast: boiled carrots

Creator of Deliciousness: CTG

This was almost an accidental MND. A discussion of what was available from CTG’s freezer became dinner and a movie and as we were eating we realized we were due for a dinner that week.

NP was surprised that this was what a I’ll see what I have in the house dinner looked like. She was expecting PB&J’s or mac’n’cheese we think.

Roast pork is quite tasty all by itself but with you add chopped walnuts and dried apricots it is almost gourmet. The brussel sprouts and parsnips were thrown in the roasting pan about half way through the roasting time. Carrots were boiled ’til tender but still crunchy, rounding out this winter meal.





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