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Inspiration from the past, brings a meaty future

Menu: PTBM casserole; Tarty Chard; garlic mashed potatoes

Creators of deliciousness: FFB and GF

Way back, when TB was still a regular at MNDs, we had the Vegetarian substitute take the prize for best tasting piece of meal. So it was decided to put our heads together and see if we could get the same taste fusion but using meat. The original inspiration for this dish was the can of mushroom soup over pork chops in the oven from my childhood. I don’t buy a lot of canned soup anymore and it’s pretty easy to make a cream sauce.

This time around we got local free range and mostly hormone free ground pork and turkey for similar prices to the large processed ground products in our chain grocery. The local source meat was from the Root Cellar. Due to our onion free member the meat was browned with soy and Worcestershire sauce and minced garlic. We were going to use a leek in there but we forgot it.

GF and I decided to make a rue and seasoned the whipping cream while whisking it and waiting for it to thicken. Because I like the taste of pan browned mushrooms and I didn’t want the excess moisture they got precooked with butter. Also because the vegetarian dish made previously was so good, GF brought some black beans from her freezer to help us get similar flavours into the mix. When I make this dinner again, I will use my garlic mashed potatoes on top like a shepherd’s pie and have a one pot supper.

photos and editing by GlutenFr33k

photos and editing by GlutenFr33k

With all the potatoes and cream based sauce the tarty chard balanced our plates out with a healthy green.

We are messing with our schedule by teaming up on cooking responsibilities but it has been nice sharing the costs and cooking with friends. Also the method to the madness will be revealed soon.

ptbm casserole recipe


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Cheating a turn

Menu: Apple Sage stove top chicken; signature lemon roasted brussel sprouts; cauliflower rice with zucchini added

Creator of deliciousness: FFB and One More (OM)

Because of our busy social lives we’ve fallen off the weekly wagon with our MNDs. However, this week I incorporated our social lives into dinner and brought on a co-host who had plans with us later. I think this counts as cheating a turn as she provided the recipe and pretty much all the groceries for this one.

Sage Apple Chicken Stew

This was my first attempt at cauliflower rice and it was delicious. The zucchini got added to a triple quantity of this recipe because it needed to be eaten, I just cut it and threw it on the grill to cook quickly then added it to the cauliflower long enough to warm up again. I should also note onion was not used this time around due to food restrictions in the group. Also a food processor instead of a cheese grater, just easier.

I’m not sure about the recipe for lemon roasted brussel sprouts but they are tasty and a dish we ask for at pot luck events when OM joins us.

Now onto the chicken. I’m sure this recipe lives on the interweb but I only have it in an email. So, credit to the recipe creator – it wasn’t me. If I were to make the dish again I would go fancy and crisp up fresh sage in brown butter for a heavier flavour into the mixture. Also this recipe seems to have been written up for a single person pan, we used 3 chicken breasts and about 6 chicken thighs (boneless, skinless)

apple sage chicken stew base recipe


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Stone Soup…I mean Chili

Menu: Crock pot chili; chipotle cornbread; fresh baked apple pie

Creator of deliciousness: NP

The story of stone soup is one I remember from elementary school but just in case I wiki’d it.

Now I will remind us how MND’s got started, I (FFB) wanted to try new recipes but not get stuck with a bunch of leftovers if I didn’t like the food I made. I had originally thought to post a recipe and have a group of friends bring ingredients and we all cook together. You have to be someone who organizes things better than me for this to work on a regular basis. So now, when its your turn, you cook dinner for 4 of us, sometimes a few extra but really this is about our core 4, then you eat free while the other 3 come up with something for dinner. We’ve had family favourites, internet recipes, and huh, I’ll see what’s on sale at the store menus. So far there’s only been one meal that I don’t want again, only because it was too rich and needed different sides. I’m not going to say which one, although I’m pretty sure we all agreed.

NP was the architect of our dinner this time around and let us know a whole day in advance that she was planning a crock-pot chili. For reasons unknown this spurred CTG into worrying if all her favourite chili add-ons would be provided and texted that she would be bringing cheese to grate on top and jalapenos for individual added spice. GF being gluten free and an awesome baker volunteered to make a batch of chipotle cornbread. Not knowing everyone else had offered additions I also messaged NP to ask if she would like one of the frozen apple pies I have hanging around to bake up for dessert. At this point I got a phone call, NP couldn’t figure out why we were all offering additional food. I think knowing what was for dinner so far in advance had us all thinking about complementary food. It turned out delicious, we all got to use up some things from our fridges and freezers making space for the next group effort?

I couldn’t have organized us to make a community meal but I’m glad we did.

There’s no recipe for the chili because it was a basic brown ground beef and throw a can of this and a can of that with some spices in the crock pot. Any internet search will offer you several thousand variations of this.


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Inspired from Down Under

Menu: Bakes Sweet Potatoes w/Pumpkin Curry and Lamb Chutney Sausage

Creator of deliciousness: GF (GlutenFr33k)

Now that she’s back, I will say that GF spent December in Australia. Her first MND since her return was fantastic and inspired by her travels. With the very warm temperatures and cooking for themselves the family vacation included quite a few trips to a local mall, which had the grocery store. These trips sometimes included a food court stop where GF got to experience “Spudz” baked potato bar. They offered traditional potatoes or sweet potatoes with a variety of toppings from the standard sour cream and bacon bits to the more exotic. This was what GF tried to re-create for us. It was tasty.

The sweet potatoes or maybe yams, they were orange and we all still debate the differences. Were roasted and placed in a large bowl (in AUS this would have been a to go food box); then they were cut into manageable pieces with clean kitchen scissors. Topped with pumpkin curry (in AUS pumpkin refers to all types of squash) and sausage. There was cilantro and Thai basil to add our own on the table.

All in all, a filling and delicious dinner. I’m not sure if I could have eaten as much in the 40 degree Australian summer heat, but, in the Pacific Northwest in January I was very happy.

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