Inspired from Down Under

08 Apr

Menu: Bakes Sweet Potatoes w/Pumpkin Curry and Lamb Chutney Sausage

Creator of deliciousness: GF (GlutenFr33k)

Now that she’s back, I will say that GF spent December in Australia. Her first MND since her return was fantastic and inspired by her travels. With the very warm temperatures and cooking for themselves the family vacation included quite a few trips to a local mall, which had the grocery store. These trips sometimes included a food court stop where GF got to experience “Spudz” baked potato bar. They offered traditional potatoes or sweet potatoes with a variety of toppings from the standard sour cream and bacon bits to the more exotic. This was what GF tried to re-create for us. It was tasty.

The sweet potatoes or maybe yams, they were orange and we all still debate the differences. Were roasted and placed in a large bowl (in AUS this would have been a to go food box); then they were cut into manageable pieces with clean kitchen scissors. Topped with pumpkin curry (in AUS pumpkin refers to all types of squash) and sausage. There was cilantro and Thai basil to add our own on the table.

All in all, a filling and delicious dinner. I’m not sure if I could have eaten as much in the 40 degree Australian summer heat, but, in the Pacific Northwest in January I was very happy.

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