Stone Soup…I mean Chili

10 Apr

Menu: Crock pot chili; chipotle cornbread; fresh baked apple pie

Creator of deliciousness: NP

The story of stone soup is one I remember from elementary school but just in case I wiki’d it.

Now I will remind us how MND’s got started, I (FFB) wanted to try new recipes but not get stuck with a bunch of leftovers if I didn’t like the food I made. I had originally thought to post a recipe and have a group of friends bring ingredients and we all cook together. You have to be someone who organizes things better than me for this to work on a regular basis. So now, when its your turn, you cook dinner for 4 of us, sometimes a few extra but really this is about our core 4, then you eat free while the other 3 come up with something for dinner. We’ve had family favourites, internet recipes, and huh, I’ll see what’s on sale at the store menus. So far there’s only been one meal that I don’t want again, only because it was too rich and needed different sides. I’m not going to say which one, although I’m pretty sure we all agreed.

NP was the architect of our dinner this time around and let us know a whole day in advance that she was planning a crock-pot chili. For reasons unknown this spurred CTG into worrying if all her favourite chili add-ons would be provided and texted that she would be bringing cheese to grate on top and jalapenos for individual added spice. GF being gluten free and an awesome baker volunteered to make a batch of chipotle cornbread. Not knowing everyone else had offered additions I also messaged NP to ask if she would like one of the frozen apple pies I have hanging around to bake up for dessert. At this point I got a phone call, NP couldn’t figure out why we were all offering additional food. I think knowing what was for dinner so far in advance had us all thinking about complementary food. It turned out delicious, we all got to use up some things from our fridges and freezers making space for the next group effort?

I couldn’t have organized us to make a community meal but I’m glad we did.

There’s no recipe for the chili because it was a basic brown ground beef and throw a can of this and a can of that with some spices in the crock pot. Any internet search will offer you several thousand variations of this.


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