Cheating a turn

22 Apr

Menu: Apple Sage stove top chicken; signature lemon roasted brussel sprouts; cauliflower rice with zucchini added

Creator of deliciousness: FFB and One More (OM)

Because of our busy social lives we’ve fallen off the weekly wagon with our MNDs. However, this week I incorporated our social lives into dinner and brought on a co-host who had plans with us later. I think this counts as cheating a turn as she provided the recipe and pretty much all the groceries for this one.

Sage Apple Chicken Stew

This was my first attempt at cauliflower rice and it was delicious. The zucchini got added to a triple quantity of this recipe because it needed to be eaten, I just cut it and threw it on the grill to cook quickly then added it to the cauliflower long enough to warm up again. I should also note onion was not used this time around due to food restrictions in the group. Also a food processor instead of a cheese grater, just easier.

I’m not sure about the recipe for lemon roasted brussel sprouts but they are tasty and a dish we ask for at pot luck events when OM joins us.

Now onto the chicken. I’m sure this recipe lives on the interweb but I only have it in an email. So, credit to the recipe creator – it wasn’t me. If I were to make the dish again I would go fancy and crisp up fresh sage in brown butter for a heavier flavour into the mixture. Also this recipe seems to have been written up for a single person pan, we used 3 chicken breasts and about 6 chicken thighs (boneless, skinless)

apple sage chicken stew base recipe


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