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Smells like summer, rains like spring

Menu: Grilled Burgers with all the fixin’s; sweet potato fries

Creator of deliciousness: NP

This weeks MND was a less well attended evening as Hosts and GF were off to “war”. The day was grey, but lots got done as NP was a big help shopping the mall with me (FFB) and “advising” at the hair salon.

NP chose a nice summery menu for us of burgers and fries, I talked her out of buying the frozen sweet potato fries and into buying a couple yams (I find yams and sweet potatoes inter-changeable and yams were cheaper this day).

The burgers were a frozen boxed brand Shneiders Angus Beef, they left a surprising amount of oil/grease on the grill but tasted lean and delicious. Since GF wasn’t around I brought a can of her recently made Rhubarb relish for the burgers. Since onions are a main ingredient NP was not able to sample. The fixin’s included cheese, lettuce, BBQ sauce and tomatoes.

Since I talked NP into buying the yams, I made them into “fries” by cutting them into bite size pieces, it was noted they didn’t look much like fries but the small pieces were approved for the shorter cook time. I scrubbed but did not peel the yams, cut the tips off and cut into similar sized pieces. I tossed them in 2 Tbsp olive oil, some fresh ground salt and pepper, then spread them evenly on a baking sheet. Into the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. We even remembered to flip them about halfway.

With a kitchen that smelled of summer BBQ, even though we used an indoor grill. We cleaned up and took my fancy new haircut out on the slightly rainy town.

Photo by freefoodbaby

Photo by freefoodbaby



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Lentils, bread and butter

Menu: Summer punch; Grecian Lentil Soup; oven warmed round bread; fresh baked (from freezer) apple pie

Creator of deliciousness: CTG

Since I fell behind in posting, CTG unknowingly stayed with the Greek theme and made us a lovely, hearty, lentil soup for MND. Served with oven warmed multi-grain round loaf and soft butter, the bread was great on its own or dunked in the soup. There were hints of pumpernickel, whole wheat and rye, I’m pretty sure the five of us ate the whole loaf.

CTG’s investigations into ingredients available led her to spy one of my (FFB) pre-made frozen apple pies. It got put in the oven as we sat down to dinner and was very freshly baked for our dessert. I managed to save enough room in my belly to hog the last piece of pie as my second serving.

The Summer Punch was a mixture of sparking water, fruit juice from the fridge and sliced citrus fruit, it was light and refreshing and a perfect compliment to our peppery warm soup. I will have to make a foray into CTG’s kitchen to find the recipe for tonight’s soup.

Photo by GlutenFr33k

Photo by GlutenFr33k


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It’s all Greek to me

Menu: Roasted Red Pepper Dip w/gluten free crackers; Grecian Meatballs; Roasted Vegetable Mousaka: Rice Pudding

Creator of deliciousness: Host

We traveled with a menu and food last time we cooked so this week all of us regulars skipped a turn and our Host cooked for us. All the recipes came from the same cookbook, a bargain table special called “Greek” with no official author. The recipes used will be posted as photo’s directly from the book, we had no onions in our versions of course but feel free to use them for yourself.

Host noted that the mousaka was the biggest experiment as the top layer (“bechamel”) had always been intimidating. This recipe apparently makes it easy and with no leftover we all agreed it was tasty.

The others enjoyed the rice pudding but decided they wouldn’t use as much sugar if they made the recipe for themselves. I had filled up on the remaining Mousaka and am not the biggest fan of rice pudding. Since at MND we aren’t about the polite “guests eat what’s offered”, I declined.

Dinner was so good that we ate it all and didn’t realize we had no pictures of the actual food until we were leaving. Thank you Host for a fabulous dinner.

grecian meatballsbell pepper dip rice pudding


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Have food, will travel

Menu: Gluten Free Pork Tortierre; spinach & strawberry salad; Paleo Friendly, gluten free lemon honey cake

Creators of deliciousness: FFB and GF

Admittedly, we sometimes brag about how awesome our dinners are. We have friends who will be leaving town soon, who noted that sharing an MND or two would be a good way to visit, before they head to other parts of Canada for a few years. We agreed, this is a great idea. Since these friends are owners of an actual house, but new to MND, GF and I (FFB) picked a menu and showed up with groceries and recipes ready to go. NP got roped into food prep too since we carpooled. We did get Long Island Iced Teas, while prepping, as our hosts bar tended and pointed out where to find dishes.

The spinach and strawberry salad was prepared with lots of spinach and strawberries. Also there were bell peppers and cucumber. GF made a quick oil and vinegar dressing using a peach balsamic reduction that she made and canned last fall.

We were demonstrating, tasty and easy Gluten Free cooking and added another food restriction of no mushrooms or fungus. GF has been working with this millet flour pastry recipes and I believe it’s been perfected. This is a pastry that really requires the time in the fridge, and the directions of rolling it out between layers of wax paper are also helpful. One thing I will take from my gluten free pastry handling is rolling with sweet rice flower. Sweet rice flower is quite fine and ideal for helping any pastry stop sticking to surfaces.

Tortierre is a fancy meat pie. This week’s version had apples, ground pork, carrots, veggie soup stock and celery. In the past it’s had turnips, parsnips, rutabaga, ground turkey, ground beef (not my favourite). Really anything goes. This version it was the pastry that made it really tasty and you can tell from the photo that we had artsy fun with steam holes in the top. I was impressed with the millet pastry, it cooked through nicely on the bottom, even though we had a fair amount of extra moisture from being too generous with our soup stock.

Photos and editing by GlutenFr33k

Photos and editing by GlutenFr33k

Dessert was my (FFB) idea, inspired by a recipe I saw on the internet but didn’t pay attention to what blog I was reading. I was away from the computer on dinner day, so using my description of ingredients GF found this Almond Honey Cake recipe and I’m happy she did.

Our next MND will be cooked by our Hosts so we all get to skip a turn.

GF Millet Pie Crust


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