It’s all Greek to me

27 May

Menu: Roasted Red Pepper Dip w/gluten free crackers; Grecian Meatballs; Roasted Vegetable Mousaka: Rice Pudding

Creator of deliciousness: Host

We traveled with a menu and food last time we cooked so this week all of us regulars skipped a turn and our Host cooked for us. All the recipes came from the same cookbook, a bargain table special called “Greek” with no official author. The recipes used will be posted as photo’s directly from the book, we had no onions in our versions of course but feel free to use them for yourself.

Host noted that the mousaka was the biggest experiment as the top layer (“bechamel”) had always been intimidating. This recipe apparently makes it easy and with no leftover we all agreed it was tasty.

The others enjoyed the rice pudding but decided they wouldn’t use as much sugar if they made the recipe for themselves. I had filled up on the remaining Mousaka and am not the biggest fan of rice pudding. Since at MND we aren’t about the polite “guests eat what’s offered”, I declined.

Dinner was so good that we ate it all and didn’t realize we had no pictures of the actual food until we were leaving. Thank you Host for a fabulous dinner.

grecian meatballsbell pepper dip rice pudding


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