Lentils, bread and butter

28 May

Menu: Summer punch; Grecian Lentil Soup; oven warmed round bread; fresh baked (from freezer) apple pie

Creator of deliciousness: CTG

Since I fell behind in posting, CTG unknowingly stayed with the Greek theme and made us a lovely, hearty, lentil soup for MND. Served with oven warmed multi-grain round loaf and soft butter, the bread was great on its own or dunked in the soup. There were hints of pumpernickel, whole wheat and rye, I’m pretty sure the five of us ate the whole loaf.

CTG’s investigations into ingredients available led her to spy one of my (FFB) pre-made frozen apple pies. It got put in the oven as we sat down to dinner and was very freshly baked for our dessert. I managed to save enough room in my belly to hog the last piece of pie as my second serving.

The Summer Punch was a mixture of sparking water, fruit juice from the fridge and sliced citrus fruit, it was light and refreshing and a perfect compliment to our peppery warm soup. I will have to make a foray into CTG’s kitchen to find the recipe for tonight’s soup.

Photo by GlutenFr33k

Photo by GlutenFr33k


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