Smells like summer, rains like spring

29 May

Menu: Grilled Burgers with all the fixin’s; sweet potato fries

Creator of deliciousness: NP

This weeks MND was a less well attended evening as Hosts and GF were off to “war”. The day was grey, but lots got done as NP was a big help shopping the mall with me (FFB) and “advising” at the hair salon.

NP chose a nice summery menu for us of burgers and fries, I talked her out of buying the frozen sweet potato fries and into buying a couple yams (I find yams and sweet potatoes inter-changeable and yams were cheaper this day).

The burgers were a frozen boxed brand Shneiders Angus Beef, they left a surprising amount of oil/grease on the grill but tasted lean and delicious. Since GF wasn’t around I brought a can of her recently made Rhubarb relish for the burgers. Since onions are a main ingredient NP was not able to sample. The fixin’s included cheese, lettuce, BBQ sauce and tomatoes.

Since I talked NP into buying the yams, I made them into “fries” by cutting them into bite size pieces, it was noted they didn’t look much like fries but the small pieces were approved for the shorter cook time. I scrubbed but did not peel the yams, cut the tips off and cut into similar sized pieces. I tossed them in 2 Tbsp olive oil, some fresh ground salt and pepper, then spread them evenly on a baking sheet. Into the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. We even remembered to flip them about halfway.

With a kitchen that smelled of summer BBQ, even though we used an indoor grill. We cleaned up and took my fancy new haircut out on the slightly rainy town.

Photo by freefoodbaby

Photo by freefoodbaby



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