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2013 Summer/Fall

So, a post still to come is an EPIC MND from back in June. That meal was inspired by the written word, but we’re having trouble writing out the recipe in a way it could be followed. From there the Summer of 2013 got us all a bit busy NP and I (FFB) managed to meet up on a regular basis but for us Monday Night Dinners may have taken a bit of a left turn. (see photo)

Looks like we settled in to party but we were just taste testing the different tequilas.

Looks like we settled in to party but we were just taste testing the different tequilas.

This sumer, I managed a trip to Ontario, another trip to Oregon and then, the following weekend to Squamish. All this away time had me creating some of our favourite GF (gluten free) desserts as gifts to folks covering my work schedule. NP and GF assisted in the creation and eating of these desserts. I’m told if they had realized I had extra’s, I wouldn’t have had as many around to gift.

2013 mnd summer to goPictured is my attempt at single serving sizes of Best Cheesecake ever. They worked out great. I made the regular recipe and baked for only 25 minutes in muffin tins. The parchment paper muffin liner is slightly more expensive than his bargain paper friends but was ideal for not sticking to the cheesecake.

Not pictured at all, we used the clear tequila to make strawberry infused alcohol (think honey, strawberries and tequila in a mason jar for a month). This was not my favourite thing straight, but worked out well for mixed drinks.

There was also a 2nd round of Bacon and Egg lasagna (which you will learn more about soon), soup dinners, pasta bakes and general pub visits. NP and I really kept MND alive, or maybe MND kept us alive?

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