What happens when someone who’s never had fish cakes, makes fish cakes?

04 Jan

Date: 1-Nov-2013

Menu: Not your Mama’s fish cakes; steamed green beans; easy fried rice

Dinner by: NP (New Person) with an assist from FFB (FreeFoodBaby)

With a busy summer and fall not seeming to lighten up, we sorted out a new schedule of ‘turns’ for cooking. Of course this immediately ran into schedule conflicts. It started with Thanksgiving. It fell on CTG’s “turn”, we had a pot luck feast with Turkey and potatoes provided by CTG and FFB. Then, I (FFB) was busy and left a recipe, money and grocery list for CTG stuck to her fridge. My MND was actually cooked by CTG. With company in town and evening plans the following MND we pulled together a menu of pre-made food and dessert from the freezer with awesome additional side by GF.

To round out the menu/cooking swaps when it was NP’s turn to host FFB did the cooking. Initially the recipe was for crab cakes an FFB specialty. However there were shellfish concerns for our dietary guidelines so we bought salmon. The cilantro really made these taste quite fresh and the toasted coconut added a sweetness that was really quite nice.

Yes, there is toasted coconut

Yes, there is toasted coconut

The actual recipe is being drafted and I will include the Pampered Chef recipe I adapted it from.

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