Prime rib, soooooo good

07 Jan

Date: 15-Dec-2013

Dinner missed…CTG fed us all a lovely roasted supper with chicken and Stove-top brand stuffing last week.

Menu: Rotisserie Prime Rib; steamed asparagus; slow cooker sweet mashed yams; gf Yorkshire Puddings

Our last get together before the Christmas rush brought NP to the sale flyer and Prime Rib to our bellies. I can say that NP has mastered the art of rotisserie cooking.

GF brought us gluten free Yorkshire Puddings. They arrived in mix form and became fresh from the oven tasties.

photo credit glutenfr33k

photo credit glutenfr33k

We had a guest to dinner, Northern Mum was down, she also has a wheat allergy so the gluten free yorkshire was an extra treat. I think she even got to take a couple home with her.

We made packet gravy because with a rotisserie there are no “drippings”. I can’t remember whether it was “Club House” or “Knorr” but it was delicious. I did see a “Knorr” gravy packet at the store the other day advertised as “gluten free”, but I’m not sure if that’s the one we made.

NP had a plan when carving that since there were 5 of us and we like our roast beef, she would carve thick slices and then we would have 1, instead of the 2-3 we normally eat. Instead, we all ate 2-3 large slices because it was soooooo good.

The asparagus, was steamed in veggie steamer to perfect crunchy tenderness.

The mashed sweet potatoes were done in the slow cooker, so this meal had a lot of pre-planning and used many kitchen gadgets.

GF yorkies


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