These Tomatoes got “Saucey”

11 Jan

So, there is a series going on here about Bacon and Egg Lasagne. It turns out making the food while creating a recipe is easy. Writing out the recipe is difficult. The first MND bacon and egg lasagne actually happened in June 2013. It was delicious and I created a draft of the recipe right away, but it needed editing on the directions and quantities that I just wasn’t sure about. GF reviewed it a couple times, but was also unsure of the quantities we used at the time so we’re making it again. This time, we will post the recipe.

It came as a big surprise to our Monday Night Dinner (MND) crowd that I, Freefoodbaby, had never made a tomato sauce from scratch. Our family dinners growing up always used the cans of prepared pasta sauce and built on that with fresh veggies, meat etc. We even have family tricks to combat that acid tomato taste that you sometimes get with the no name brand cans of sauce.

Of course if you’re making a fancy lasagne, you must use from scratch tomato sauce. Originally we made tomato sauce from scratch to ensure it was mushroom and gluten free. This time we aren’t so worried about the mushroom allergy.

photo credit: GlutenFr33k

photo credit: GlutenFr33k

If you’ve never made lasagne you don’t know how time consuming the process can be. Creating all the parts before you build the actual casserole can make lasagne feel like an all day affair. So, GF and I got together the day before MND to make the tomato sauce and prepare some of the veggies. As chef’s privilege, we had a lovely pasta supper with a the simple tomato sauce. This sauce is going to be extra good because it simmered for 4 hours and aged overnight for all the flavours to blend, before making our lasagne.

simple tomato sauce


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