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Stuff in Bowl, on a plate

This weeks MND is brought to you by myself, Glutenfr33k, and a new member of the MND club BFacci. We initially planned on making a play on lasagna using zucchini in place of noodles and everything from scratch, but a delayed dentist appointment put that plan on hold as the timing wasn’t quite right.  Therefore, a backup plan was created based on a Pintrest post on my MND board for “Roasted Harvest Veggie, Curried Avocado + Coconut Rice Bowls”.

The recipe can be found HERE. We made some changes to the recipe in that we didn’t use the butternut squash (ours had gone off, oops), and we did add a meat portion to the meal (we’re all omnivores). We picked up about 1lb of meat total, it was a combination of local free range (antibiotic/hormone free) chicken and pork. We sauteed up the ground meat up in a frying pan, with about 1 tablespoon of panang curry paste, 1-2 teaspoons of madras curry powder, 1-2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper to taste.

So essentially we roasted the sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts in the fantastic sauce recipe provided in the above linked recipe. It makes for a nice and spicy,but not crazy spicy roasted veg.  The rice is fantastic, with coconut milk, unsweetened coconut, and a wee bit of coconut oil. It was pure joy to eat. The original recipe calls for making it on the stove, we made it in a rice cooker just fine. Although, we did double the recipe (we are firm believers in rice is nice).  The guacamole is made in a curry way vs a Mexican way, but this was a really nice variation on the theme.  We left it a bit chunky, for easy combining with all the other foods in the “bowls”.  We couldn’t decide between feta or mild blue cheese crumbled over top so we used both.

There was much fun to be had by all who attempted to eat their “Bowls” of food arranged on plates (BFacci and I were not certain that with the addition of meat all the bits would fit in the bowls) of course BFacci had to be different and have a bowl of food to prove the theory wrong.



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