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Taste of Morocco

Menu: slow cooker chicken; salad; cous cous or rice for starch

Creator of Deliciousness: Cold Turkey Girl (CTG)

We count on CTG for tasty roasts and stews with potatoes and lots of butter. A few weeks ago she mentioned that she wanted to try a new flavour. Somehow Moroccan food was discussed and CTG had a mission.

It turns out her sister had always wanted to make Moroccan food too, so they discussed recipes back and forth for a week. At one point they were planning on cooking together, but transporting hot food can be difficult.

CTG made crock pot chicken that was delicious. CTG skipped the chick peas and diced the onions up very small in hopes that 6 hours in the crock pot would make them not hurt NP. Also our chicken had skin and bones. I’m pretty sure this changes the cooking time but it all turned out well in the end.

The salad was a great fresh balance to the stewed chicken and the option of cous cous (processed wheat and therefore gluten) or rice for starch was ideal.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)


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Bring the bowl B!$CH – we curse at those we love

Menu: Pulled Lamb; mint sauce; mashed potatoes; veg

Creator of deliciousness: CTG and FFB

Lamb is a pretty expensive meat that I (FFB) have very little experience cooking. I have lots of experience eating it, but am always stopped by the price tag when shopping for myself. Seems a pricey bit of protein that would feel like a serious waste if you messed it up.

Enter Costco meat department, a brave friend and I ended up with a lovely wrapped boneless leg of lamb for roasting. Yup, our initial intention was to make a basic lamb roast. Garlic stabbed in everywhere, rosemary and oil and salt rubbed on the outside. Some old port from my cupboard to make it fancy. It all went wrong/different for 2 reasons i) we trusted the New Zealand Lamb Association website’ s chart about cooking time so much we didn’t check with the thermometer throughout the roasting process. ii) We didn’t factor in the fact we were using a lidded cast iron dutch oven which would accelerate the cooking time.


When the timer let me know our calculated cooking time was over I stabbed in the meat thermometer to find we had gone well past the rare 160 degrees we were looking for. However, experimenting with new recipes is kind of how the whole Monday Night Dinner thing got started so I proceeded to let it stand while we thickened the cooking juices for a lovely dark gravy, and attempted to carve the beast. Instead if fell apart.

The lamb falling apart started one of those circular conversations “Hey CTG we seem to have made pulled lamb” I would say.

“great, we should put that in a bowl” CTG would reply

“sure, we’ll need a pretty big bowl for this pulled lamb” (me)

“great, we should put that in a bowl” CTG again, now looking for a bowl but I can’t see her

“mmmmm, we made fantastic pulled lamb” I said, sampling a piece while I wait for the bowl

“great, we should put that in a bowl” CTG again

“Well then Bring the BOWL, B!tch!!” I exclaimed, tired of the merry go round

“That is definitely the title of this recipe’s blog post” said pretty much everyone in unison.

The only other thing left to decide was draft the recipe we were aiming for? Simple roast lamb. Or just write the recipe of what we actually ate? Pulled lamb

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Easter was not a small affair

Date: 6-Apr-15

Creator of Deliciousness: Everybody! Potluck is tasty

From past years you may know that we celebrate “feast” days with what we call “orphan dinners” these are pot lucks for our extended “family” who may not have a family feast to join in the local area. Also some people like to have a few feast days if the weekend is planned out correctly.

This year we went from a table of 11, to a table of 15 on feast day. It was delicious and tasty and we sent everyone home with a food baby.

photo 1 (1)

CTG our actual host was away for the weekend and left me (FFB) in charge of “monitoring” our Facebook event to make sure we had a balanced meal. I think I’m kind of old school when it comes to pot luck. I figure if 8 out of 10 people showing up bring pie, we are going to sample a whole lot of different desserts. So while I kept an eye on the event for numbers, I did nothing about steering menu choices. It worked out really well all on its own.

photo 2 (1)

There was ham (fancy spiral cut w/black currant jelly glaze), mashed sweet potatoes, roasted brussel sproouts, 7lbs of scalloped potatoes, mixed veggies, ceasar salad, spring mix salad, apple crumble, apple pie, pumpkin pie, homemade Skor bars, chips and dip and fancy fizzy water for all. .Oh yeah and 2 lbs of fancy bacon from Red Barn.

The “glaze” on the ham was really just a jar of home made black current jelly rubbed on the ham for the last 10 minutes or so.

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Better late than never, Year of the RAM

Menu: Lettuce wraps w/chicken filling; pork dumplings; steamed rice; vegetable chop suey


Only a week or so after we were supposed to have welcomed in the year of the Ram, the MND crowd got together with Guest Chef to have Chinese food style dinner.

Over the last few months, we have found great success in having meals prepared for us by Guest Chef on non-MND nights. I (freefoodbaby) managed to sous chef for the night. This means I now have some idea how to make a few of these dishes.

Our group was expanded to 7 members for the evening and we all proved how delicious our food was by going back for 3rd helpings.

We may be losing Guest Chef to the British Isles in the not terribly distant future so we might end up with these recipes written down.  At the moment though, these recipes seem to be made with a dash of this and a splash of that from family memory.

I also learned a similar lesson to what we found out in “White guy no fusion” Mirren may be the best secret ingredient for stir fry. The flavour that you miss in homemade Chinese food is rose wine. A Chinese cooking wine, available in most grocery stores, we used it in the clear broth sauce of our chop suey. Also I’m pretty sure it was in the lettuce wrap filling as well.

Quite selfishly, I’m hoping we get Guest Chef for a few more dinners.

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