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It’s a crock!

Menu: Crockpot scalloped potatoes with ham; steamed green beans

Creator of Deliciousness: New Person

As we work on getting back to a regular schedule of MND (Monday Night Dinners) New Person gave us a stick to your ribs slow cooker dish. It was rich and tasty and everything a crock pot meal should be. I (FreeFoodBaby) had been out sailing all day so I was super happy for creamy potatoes and cheese.

New Person made a few adjustments to the Crockpot scalloped potatoes with ham.

She upped the amount of potatoes to 4 pounds (there are 5 of us these days); milk instead of water; and 2 tins cream of mushroom and garlic condensed soup. Ours was cooked 4-5 hours on high.

The richness of our cheesy potatoes and ham was beautifully balanced with steamed green beans.

Once again we all ate more than we intended and left New Person with very little in the way of leftovers. We were so excited to eat this week’s deliciousness I don’t think we took any pictures. But there is a pretty good one on the recipe if you follow the link.

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In Memory of Dr Oetker’s Sauce’n’cake

Menu: Smoked Salmon pasta alfredo; garlic bread; green salad; chocolate cake w/caramel sauce

Creator of Deliciousness: FreeFoodBaby (FFB) and Guest Chef

I was given some home smoked salmon a while back, but warned that it had turned out a bit salty. So I kept it in my freezer until I was inspired to make a cream sauce with it. I figured with the salty salmon I wouldn’t have to add any salt myself.

In regular cooking, I’m actually not that big a fan of white sauce so I brought in Guest Chef to help me out. We kept it gluten free by making our rue with corn starch. This also led to a very thick sauce in the end.

smoked salmon alfredo

Our salad was a family favourite with lettuce on the bottom and sliced veg in colourful pattern on top.

Guest Chef was surprised that we were only making one sauce so with all his extra time he made homemade sauce’n’cake. His was chocolate with a caramel sauce. It was made bacause he has heard me lament the fact I couldn’t find Dr. Oetker’s sauce’n’cake mix at my local grocery store anymore. I thought it was because my local store stopped carrying Dr. Oetker but a Google search revealed they actually stopped producing sauce’n’cake mix in 2012. Shocking that it has been that long since we had it!

e saunce cake

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