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Taste of Morocco

Menu: slow cooker chicken; salad; cous cous or rice for starch

Creator of Deliciousness: Cold Turkey Girl (CTG)

We count on CTG for tasty roasts and stews with potatoes and lots of butter. A few weeks ago she mentioned that she wanted to try a new flavour. Somehow Moroccan food was discussed and CTG had a mission.

It turns out her sister had always wanted to make Moroccan food too, so they discussed recipes back and forth for a week. At one point they were planning on cooking together, but transporting hot food can be difficult.

CTG made crock pot chicken that was delicious. CTG skipped the chick peas and diced the onions up very small in hopes that 6 hours in the crock pot would make them not hurt NP. Also our chicken had skin and bones. I’m pretty sure this changes the cooking time but it all turned out well in the end.

The salad was a great fresh balance to the stewed chicken and the option of cous cous (processed wheat and therefore gluten) or rice for starch was ideal.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)


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Lentils, bread and butter

Menu: Summer punch; Grecian Lentil Soup; oven warmed round bread; fresh baked (from freezer) apple pie

Creator of deliciousness: CTG

Since I fell behind in posting, CTG unknowingly stayed with the Greek theme and made us a lovely, hearty, lentil soup for MND. Served with oven warmed multi-grain round loaf and soft butter, the bread was great on its own or dunked in the soup. There were hints of pumpernickel, whole wheat and rye, I’m pretty sure the five of us ate the whole loaf.

CTG’s investigations into ingredients available led her to spy one of my (FFB) pre-made frozen apple pies. It got put in the oven as we sat down to dinner and was very freshly baked for our dessert. I managed to save enough room in my belly to hog the last piece of pie as my second serving.

The Summer Punch was a mixture of sparking water, fruit juice from the fridge and sliced citrus fruit, it was light and refreshing and a perfect compliment to our peppery warm soup. I will have to make a foray into CTG’s kitchen to find the recipe for tonight’s soup.

Photo by GlutenFr33k

Photo by GlutenFr33k


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Simple Dinner

Menu: Apricot and walnut stuffed roast pork; parsnips and brussel sprouts around the roast: boiled carrots

Creator of Deliciousness: CTG

This was almost an accidental MND. A discussion of what was available from CTG’s freezer became dinner and a movie and as we were eating we realized we were due for a dinner that week.

NP was surprised that this was what a I’ll see what I have in the house dinner looked like. She was expecting PB&J’s or mac’n’cheese we think.

Roast pork is quite tasty all by itself but with you add chopped walnuts and dried apricots it is almost gourmet. The brussel sprouts and parsnips were thrown in the roasting pan about half way through the roasting time. Carrots were boiled ’til tender but still crunchy, rounding out this winter meal.





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Breakfast for Dinner – high protein and almost healthy

Menu: Sausage’n’Sweet Potato Frittata; cheesy scones; UTI GF English Muffin; fresh bell pepper strips; reduced salt chips; Snowballs TM

Creator of deliciousness: CTG

This week it was announced we were having breakfast for dinner. After checking with NP, CTG decided to go ahead with finely diced onions, disguised with shredded sweet potato. This is a frittata recipe I approve of, because you add the eggs and start them cooking on the stove top, then once the edges are looking cooked, into the oven for a nice golden top and to finish the centre. I’m the person at the diner ordering my eggs “cooked over-hard and by hard I mean dead.” So I like the extra cooking time.

CTG cooked the sausage meat, onions and sweet potato earlier in the day and let the flavours mellow in the fridge for a few hours. I recommend this if you have the time. It cut cooking time at dinner and allowed the  flavours to blend really well with a certain sweetness.

The cheesy scones and GF emglish muffin were oven toasted and served hot w/softened butter. The bell pepper strips were raw and made sure we really all got our veggies.

201212 breakfast for dinner

GF brought the Snowballs (a British/Newfie treat). We lucked out ’cause they didn’t fit in the shipment of a care package for family members that love them. A Snowball is marshmellow fluff, encased in chocolate “flavoured” coating, rolled in coconut. This makes them low fat, but don’t be fooled, lots of calories and sugar in these treats.

Photo: taken, edited and used with permission of GlutenFr33k


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beans beans, they make you….

Menu: Hearty Ham and Lentil soup; GF cornbread

Creator of deliciousness: CTG

In my experiences ham soup has always been a salty dish best served with biscuits and a large amount of water. However, this weeks creation by CTG was delicious. There was a balance of ham and lentils that made for a filling and hearty bowl. I’m told that tomato juice was used instead of soup stock; spinach was added and about 1 tsp of better than bullion beef flavour made it in there too. Being a mature crowd with a lentil soup you can tell from the title we kept dinner conversation to economics, politics and current events. I swear, we really did.

GF was kind enough to make us a pan of gf chipotle corn bread which was a wonderful complement with butter dipped in our soup.

We added Friend (without Husband) to our crowd this week as we all had a pub to adjourn to.



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The UNbirthday

Menu: Flippy chicken, carrots, veggie tray, phad thai, GF chocolate cake

Sometimes you get busy around your birthday, or you are almost a birthday twin with someone celebrating a milestone. This past weekend we decided to belatedly celebrate New Person’s (NP) birthday with an unbirthday potluck.

Since we are all internet and Facebook users I (FFB) managed to set up the evening by creating an event. Sadly, I’m not as Facebook savvy as I pretend as I forgot to invite the host and unbirthday celebrant to her own party. We kept it small and gave ourselves time to get fancy for a night on the town after dinner.

NP went with her feature recipe – Flippy chicken. Rotisserie roasted chicken with a spice rub.

I (FFB) was lazy and found a pre-made veggie tray on sale at the grocery store, it made for a nice appy while we visited.

Friend, who has co-hosted dinners with me in the past, was brave and tried a phad thai recipe on us. It was delicious. NP was even ok with a few green onions being cooked into the base.

CTG went with boiled carrots to make sure we all got a balanced meal.

GF volunteered to make the cake as she’s been spending some time at home these days. A rich and moist coconut flour cake. It had spiced apple jelly between layers and was frosted with a coconut milk chocolate mousse. Because of the mousse the leftover cake needs refrigeration, I don’t think leftovers will last too long.

Even though my master plan for the evening was foiled by Victoria Beer Fest after party-ers filling up the pubs early. It was a great night with tasty eats.


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Wisdom optional

Menu: Hot Italian Sausages: Summer Vegetables; Mango Lemonade for fancy drinks

Creator of deliciousness: ColdTurkeyGurl (CTG)

This week I’m writing about a dinner I didn’t attend, but I can imagine. We had recently challenged CTG to make MNDs for less than $10.00 of additional groceries, helping her make use of the pantry and foods already in her house pantry/fridge/freezer This week was a success with only $5.62 spent on the Italian Sausages (and the juice?).

FFB had ALL her wisdom teeth out in one go so she was a social guest with her own homemade smoothie and avocado chocolate pudding.

Since I had to work, and FFB needed supervision I sent a new New Person to dinner with the usual crowd. The meal was deliciously simple, steamed carrots and green beans still crisp, with nuthin’ added, not even butter. Hot Italian sausage, my assumption is fried but I forgot to ask.

A reminder of TokenBoy at the table, as a hot mustard that he brought back for us from his travels was available to spice up the entree.

There was no dessert offered as we may be stepping away from that, with a few of us watching our calories for sport training. Although I do have a sweet tooth so maybe “healthy” desserts will feature soon.

I am really looking forward to actually being at the next MND. I think the $10.00 challenge will live for another week.


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