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The exact meal we didn’t know we wanted

Menu: hard shell tacos with all the fixins

Creator of delicousness: New Person (NP)


The whole crew plus Guest Chef came out for dinner at NP’s house. Guest Chef was just here to eat this week since we were belatedly celebrating his birthday.

NP made up the taco spiced ground beef and then threw it in the crock pot to make sure it was stewed all through with flavour. There were diced tomatoes, grated cheese, lettuce, sour cream and 4 hard shells each. We ate them all and didn’t leave much behind for the clean-up.

When we sat down to eat, it was decided that this was the perfect meal for our day even though only NP had thought to make it.

As we were cleaning up NP found the jar of Salsa she had bought for us, but we never even missed it.

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Monday night dinner actually happened on a Monday this week

Menu: Pulled pork, biscuits (Gluten full and Gluten Free), roasted potato salad, cole slaw

Creators of deliciousness: Freefoodbaby and Guest Chef

We have been a very busy group of people lately and I (FFB) managed to wrangle our dinner group together on a Monday night. For a group that calls ourselves the Monday Night Dinner Crowd this is a very rare occurrence.

IMG_0037 (1)

I managed to be at my grocery store the day they mark down all the older meats in the case and snagged an $18 pork roast for $9 and this became the basis for my menu. This was my first attempt at purposefully making pulled meat (see Bring the bowl..). Using the crock pot and the tenderizing power of ginger ale it turned out really well. The recipe was pretty simple, put thawed pork in the crock pot add about 1 can of ginger ale and set on high for 5 hours. Drain the meat pull it apart and add BBQ sauce, leave in crock pot on high for another hour.

The biscuits full of gluten were a departure from my usual drop biscuits, easy and delicious. I was able to make them large enough for pulled pork sandwiches.

Guest Chef prepared the coleslaw based mostly on the linked recipe above, but with a few of his adjustments that I didn’t see.


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Prime rib, soooooo good

Date: 15-Dec-2013

Dinner missed…CTG fed us all a lovely roasted supper with chicken and Stove-top brand stuffing last week.

Menu: Rotisserie Prime Rib; steamed asparagus; slow cooker sweet mashed yams; gf Yorkshire Puddings

Our last get together before the Christmas rush brought NP to the sale flyer and Prime Rib to our bellies. I can say that NP has mastered the art of rotisserie cooking.

GF brought us gluten free Yorkshire Puddings. They arrived in mix form and became fresh from the oven tasties.

photo credit glutenfr33k

photo credit glutenfr33k

We had a guest to dinner, Northern Mum was down, she also has a wheat allergy so the gluten free yorkshire was an extra treat. I think she even got to take a couple home with her.

We made packet gravy because with a rotisserie there are no “drippings”. I can’t remember whether it was “Club House” or “Knorr” but it was delicious. I did see a “Knorr” gravy packet at the store the other day advertised as “gluten free”, but I’m not sure if that’s the one we made.

NP had a plan when carving that since there were 5 of us and we like our roast beef, she would carve thick slices and then we would have 1, instead of the 2-3 we normally eat. Instead, we all ate 2-3 large slices because it was soooooo good.

The asparagus, was steamed in veggie steamer to perfect crunchy tenderness.

The mashed sweet potatoes were done in the slow cooker, so this meal had a lot of pre-planning and used many kitchen gadgets.

GF yorkies


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What happens when someone who’s never had fish cakes, makes fish cakes?

Date: 1-Nov-2013

Menu: Not your Mama’s fish cakes; steamed green beans; easy fried rice

Dinner by: NP (New Person) with an assist from FFB (FreeFoodBaby)

With a busy summer and fall not seeming to lighten up, we sorted out a new schedule of ‘turns’ for cooking. Of course this immediately ran into schedule conflicts. It started with Thanksgiving. It fell on CTG’s “turn”, we had a pot luck feast with Turkey and potatoes provided by CTG and FFB. Then, I (FFB) was busy and left a recipe, money and grocery list for CTG stuck to her fridge. My MND was actually cooked by CTG. With company in town and evening plans the following MND we pulled together a menu of pre-made food and dessert from the freezer with awesome additional side by GF.

To round out the menu/cooking swaps when it was NP’s turn to host FFB did the cooking. Initially the recipe was for crab cakes an FFB specialty. However there were shellfish concerns for our dietary guidelines so we bought salmon. The cilantro really made these taste quite fresh and the toasted coconut added a sweetness that was really quite nice.

Yes, there is toasted coconut

Yes, there is toasted coconut

The actual recipe is being drafted and I will include the Pampered Chef recipe I adapted it from.

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Smells like summer, rains like spring

Menu: Grilled Burgers with all the fixin’s; sweet potato fries

Creator of deliciousness: NP

This weeks MND was a less well attended evening as Hosts and GF were off to “war”. The day was grey, but lots got done as NP was a big help shopping the mall with me (FFB) and “advising” at the hair salon.

NP chose a nice summery menu for us of burgers and fries, I talked her out of buying the frozen sweet potato fries and into buying a couple yams (I find yams and sweet potatoes inter-changeable and yams were cheaper this day).

The burgers were a frozen boxed brand Shneiders Angus Beef, they left a surprising amount of oil/grease on the grill but tasted lean and delicious. Since GF wasn’t around I brought a can of her recently made Rhubarb relish for the burgers. Since onions are a main ingredient NP was not able to sample. The fixin’s included cheese, lettuce, BBQ sauce and tomatoes.

Since I talked NP into buying the yams, I made them into “fries” by cutting them into bite size pieces, it was noted they didn’t look much like fries but the small pieces were approved for the shorter cook time. I scrubbed but did not peel the yams, cut the tips off and cut into similar sized pieces. I tossed them in 2 Tbsp olive oil, some fresh ground salt and pepper, then spread them evenly on a baking sheet. Into the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. We even remembered to flip them about halfway.

With a kitchen that smelled of summer BBQ, even though we used an indoor grill. We cleaned up and took my fancy new haircut out on the slightly rainy town.

Photo by freefoodbaby

Photo by freefoodbaby



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Stone Soup…I mean Chili

Menu: Crock pot chili; chipotle cornbread; fresh baked apple pie

Creator of deliciousness: NP

The story of stone soup is one I remember from elementary school but just in case I wiki’d it.

Now I will remind us how MND’s got started, I (FFB) wanted to try new recipes but not get stuck with a bunch of leftovers if I didn’t like the food I made. I had originally thought to post a recipe and have a group of friends bring ingredients and we all cook together. You have to be someone who organizes things better than me for this to work on a regular basis. So now, when its your turn, you cook dinner for 4 of us, sometimes a few extra but really this is about our core 4, then you eat free while the other 3 come up with something for dinner. We’ve had family favourites, internet recipes, and huh, I’ll see what’s on sale at the store menus. So far there’s only been one meal that I don’t want again, only because it was too rich and needed different sides. I’m not going to say which one, although I’m pretty sure we all agreed.

NP was the architect of our dinner this time around and let us know a whole day in advance that she was planning a crock-pot chili. For reasons unknown this spurred CTG into worrying if all her favourite chili add-ons would be provided and texted that she would be bringing cheese to grate on top and jalapenos for individual added spice. GF being gluten free and an awesome baker volunteered to make a batch of chipotle cornbread. Not knowing everyone else had offered additions I also messaged NP to ask if she would like one of the frozen apple pies I have hanging around to bake up for dessert. At this point I got a phone call, NP couldn’t figure out why we were all offering additional food. I think knowing what was for dinner so far in advance had us all thinking about complementary food. It turned out delicious, we all got to use up some things from our fridges and freezers making space for the next group effort?

I couldn’t have organized us to make a community meal but I’m glad we did.

There’s no recipe for the chili because it was a basic brown ground beef and throw a can of this and a can of that with some spices in the crock pot. Any internet search will offer you several thousand variations of this.


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Guinea Pigs, but not as food

Menu: Rotisserie Turkey; roasted potato and green bean salad; nachos & salsa

Creator of deliciousness: New Person

NP signed up to host family Christmas dinner this year and decided to see if her rotisserie was up to the task of flippy turkey. Happy news for us. That baby can handle 9 lbs of turkey goodness.

There were no photo’s of this feat, but we didn’t leave much evidence.

The baby roasted potatoes with green beans warm salad made a re-appearance and because cooking times ran a bit long we munched some nachos and salsa too.

I think you will find us signed up to act as guinea pigs again anytime.


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