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Monday night dinner actually happened on a Monday this week

Menu: Pulled pork, biscuits (Gluten full and Gluten Free), roasted potato salad, cole slaw

Creators of deliciousness: Freefoodbaby and Guest Chef

We have been a very busy group of people lately and I (FFB) managed to wrangle our dinner group together on a Monday night. For a group that calls ourselves the Monday Night Dinner Crowd this is a very rare occurrence.

IMG_0037 (1)

I managed to be at my grocery store the day they mark down all the older meats in the case and snagged an $18 pork roast for $9 and this became the basis for my menu. This was my first attempt at purposefully making pulled meat (see Bring the bowl..). Using the crock pot and the tenderizing power of ginger ale it turned out really well. The recipe was pretty simple, put thawed pork in the crock pot add about 1 can of ginger ale and set on high for 5 hours. Drain the meat pull it apart and add BBQ sauce, leave in crock pot on high for another hour.

The biscuits full of gluten were a departure from my usual drop biscuits, easy and delicious. I was able to make them large enough for pulled pork sandwiches.

Guest Chef prepared the coleslaw based mostly on the linked recipe above, but with a few of his adjustments that I didn’t see.


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Have food, will travel

Menu: Gluten Free Pork Tortierre; spinach & strawberry salad; Paleo Friendly, gluten free lemon honey cake

Creators of deliciousness: FFB and GF

Admittedly, we sometimes brag about how awesome our dinners are. We have friends who will be leaving town soon, who noted that sharing an MND or two would be a good way to visit, before they head to other parts of Canada for a few years. We agreed, this is a great idea. Since these friends are owners of an actual house, but new to MND, GF and I (FFB) picked a menu and showed up with groceries and recipes ready to go. NP got roped into food prep too since we carpooled. We did get Long Island Iced Teas, while prepping, as our hosts bar tended and pointed out where to find dishes.

The spinach and strawberry salad was prepared with lots of spinach and strawberries. Also there were bell peppers and cucumber. GF made a quick oil and vinegar dressing using a peach balsamic reduction that she made and canned last fall.

We were demonstrating, tasty and easy Gluten Free cooking and added another food restriction of no mushrooms or fungus. GF has been working with this millet flour pastry recipes and I believe it’s been perfected. This is a pastry that really requires the time in the fridge, and the directions of rolling it out between layers of wax paper are also helpful. One thing I will take from my gluten free pastry handling is rolling with sweet rice flower. Sweet rice flower is quite fine and ideal for helping any pastry stop sticking to surfaces.

Tortierre is a fancy meat pie. This week’s version had apples, ground pork, carrots, veggie soup stock and celery. In the past it’s had turnips, parsnips, rutabaga, ground turkey, ground beef (not my favourite). Really anything goes. This version it was the pastry that made it really tasty and you can tell from the photo that we had artsy fun with steam holes in the top. I was impressed with the millet pastry, it cooked through nicely on the bottom, even though we had a fair amount of extra moisture from being too generous with our soup stock.

Photos and editing by GlutenFr33k

Photos and editing by GlutenFr33k

Dessert was my (FFB) idea, inspired by a recipe I saw on the internet but didn’t pay attention to what blog I was reading. I was away from the computer on dinner day, so using my description of ingredients GF found this Almond Honey Cake recipe and I’m happy she did.

Our next MND will be cooked by our Hosts so we all get to skip a turn.

GF Millet Pie Crust


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Guinea Pigs, but not as food

Menu: Rotisserie Turkey; roasted potato and green bean salad; nachos & salsa

Creator of deliciousness: New Person

NP signed up to host family Christmas dinner this year and decided to see if her rotisserie was up to the task of flippy turkey. Happy news for us. That baby can handle 9 lbs of turkey goodness.

There were no photo’s of this feat, but we didn’t leave much evidence.

The baby roasted potatoes with green beans warm salad made a re-appearance and because cooking times ran a bit long we munched some nachos and salsa too.

I think you will find us signed up to act as guinea pigs again anytime.


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Extravagent Flip

Menu: Rotisserie Crown-rib Roast; Roasted Potato Green Bean Salad; GF Yorkshire Puddings

Creator of deliciousness: New Person (NP)

We lucked out at this dinner that roast beast was on sale and looking tasty when NP went shopping for our dinner. Rotisserie cooking leaves a beautiful moist and evenly cooked meat. My only sadness on this one was that there wasn’t much juice for a gravy. We made do with what was available and ate in complete silence. Well mostly, we probably should have left CTG alone with her meal.

The roast beef received a garlic spice rub before getting skewered onto the rotisserie contraption. It was 1.5 Tbsp oil with 6 cloves fresh garlic minced made into a paste with salt and pepper added.

The roasted baby potatoes with steamed green beans as a warm salad really rounded out the meal for us all to have little food babies. The only comment I have regarding the recipe is NP used balsamic vinegar and I highly recommend it.

It was tough but we managed to leave some leftovers for NP to make sandwiches or leftover anything for us to be jealous of the rest of the week.


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Pie for dinner with extras from the fridge

Menu: Heritage tomato and lime ricotta pie; everything ripe in the fridge salad; chocolate chips and clotted cream on the spoon for dessert.

Creator of deliciousness: GF (glutenfr33k)

This week GF went all out with the from scratch cookin’. Made her own ricotta cheese as well as modified pastry recipes to gluten free.


Heritage tomato tart recipe (I’ll post the modified pastry recipe soon)
Homemade ricotta recipe

A side dish was needed for all this tasty cheese and tomatoes, so the hunt for salad makings began. There were so many choices that GF went with EVERYTHING. There were green beans; peaches; Hinden? grapes; cucumber and a slapdash vinaigrette (lime juice, balsamic vinegar; olive oil and time) The crunch and fruit mixture was very pleasing and light. Paired very well with the rich main. So well presented that pre-dinner snacking was unavoidable.

A well thought out dessert was provided as an open bag of organic milk chocolate chips to grab a handful and a teaspoon of clotted cream. Dishes were saved as hand and spoon was all that was needed.

This meal was given 2 thumbs up and a hearty burp from CTG. This review was seconded by FFB when dinner was delivered to her at work. And we’re assuming 3rd-ed by NP via email.


It was on sale – a store inspired dinner

It was on sale – a store inspired dinner

Menu: Miso-ginger marinated pork chops; tarty chard; summer cukes; baby potatoes; and fresh watermelon.

Creator of deliciousness: freefoodbaby (FFB)

For the first time I was kind of uninspired as my turn to cook came around. We’ve taken some time off due to summer busyness but got our acts together this week. I just got back from another great weekend mini-break and I’m still kind of in vacation mode. So with my cupboards bare, I set off to the store.

I had enough time to do some “specialty” shopping with separate stops for produce, meat and treats.

Without inspiration it was all about what was on sale and looking fresh. Luckily the sale items made me start thinking good dinner foods, cucumbers with fresh dill for a lightly vinegary summer salad. New potatoes and chard to round out the meal. Also lots of mushrooms ’cause I love them sauteed in butter.

With the addition of New Person (NP – still discussing name options) we also have to consider not using onion in our dishes. Apparently minced in a soup, burger mix, or sauce is OK but fresh saute with mushrooms would be a problem.

Off to my next stops – the drugstore for normal errands followed by my favourite meat counter for good sales. Butterfly cut pork chops found their way into my cart and some peach lemonade by Santa Cruz. I had put aside some beer and cider from my travels, for us drinkers, and felt that special beverages should be available for everyone.

Now that I had my groceries it was time to figure out what to do with them. The pork chops were nice cuts of meat and I was tempted to just fry them with pepper but I’ve done that for this group before so I opened the fridge looking for marinade fixings. I found miso paste, peach lemonade, soy sauce, ginger marmalade and worcestershire sauce. A strange combination when seen grouped on the counter but I decided to go for it and I think we’re all glad I did.

The cucumbers, with the addition of fresh dill are the same recipe as tastes of summer.

For the chard I discovered how awesome palm sugar really is. I like to steam/fry chard with lemon, vinegar and usually honey. From now on palm sugar will be my friend. While trying to have everything prepped to cook as needed I ended up with the chard in my pan first. I usually heat a little oil and make my sweetened balsamic vinegar before adding the greens. I crumbled about 1/2 Tbsp palm sugar over the bite size chard and watched it dissolve when just barely touched by steam. So tasty, light and sweet. Palm sugar is something I’ve only recently discovered and I keep finding reasons that it’s awesome.

GF had been doing some baking and brought us some leftover dessert to add to the watermelon I bought. GF has also been making the most of the blackberries and brought virgin gin fizz fixings. The beer and cider (and NAB for CTG) complimented the meal nicely.


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A taste of summer since the weather’s not co-operating

Date: 6-Jun-12

Menu: GF baked, breaded chicken; simple cucumber salad; black bean and corn salad; potato salad; guacamole and corn chips; strawberries and watermelon were available, but not eaten.

Creator of deliciousness: FFB

Once again we had a social obligation after dinner so this week was an eat and run style event. TB was double booked so he stayed away this week.

My goal was picnic inspired foods that would pack up fast and be tasty as leftovers. I was kind of hoping to picnic but the weather would not cooperate.

The few days before dinner, I had been getting home from work starving, so when I saw avacados on sale I picked them up and talked CTG into making some guacamole for us. She has the best recipe which I will post later.

We had been talking about GF breadcrumbs to buy and so I went specialty shopping to pick some up. Imagine my surprise to learn I appear to have purchased really expensive cornmeal. When I bake chicken like this again, I will use regular super cheap cornmeal for the crispy layer.A family package of skin-on chicken drumsticks was baked after dredging through an egg mixture and shaken in a freezer bag with my spiced cornmeal.

I grabbed a dressing recipe from Everybody Likes Sandwiches and added some cauliflower to a potato salad. I should have doubled the dressing recipe but it was tasty. There was also simple cucumber salad. Sliced, salted and sweated then rinsed and into cider vinegar and sugar with green onion. Finally a black bean and corn salad with a simple lemon juice and oil style dressing, lots of cilantro and more green onion.

Lovely summery and colourful. Also quick to eat and put away as we headed out to talk outdoor adventure with the OVI folks.