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Meat-atarian week

Date: 18-Apr-12

Menu: PW’s Favorite Meatloaf; mashed potatoes; wilted spinach with caramelized onions; GF cookies and Sauce’n’cake

It was CTG’s turn to host this week and her Mom was in town. CTG had some other plans so Mom and I (FFB) did the cooking with the ingredients and recipes provided by CTG.

TokenBoy sat this week out. I’m not sure if it’s because he was busy or because we told him he would need to bring his own protein for the meal.

Pioneer Woman’s Favorite Meat Loaf

There were some adjustments for dietary concerns and some substitutions just ’cause. We used Uti brand gluten free bread and I cut it into chunks for the soaking. There was 1% milk on hand so that was subbed for whole milk. The meat was 1.25 lbs extra lean ground beef and 0.75 lb of ground pork. I shaped the mixture into 2 smaller loaves on the broiler tray since 1 big loaf looked like it would be troublesome to get cooked thoroughly.

I adapted the sauce recipe because I couldn’t find the ketchup that was front and center in the cupboard. I had trouble finding the ketchup in the cupboard because I was looking in the fridge.

The mashed potatoes were wonderfully smooth and buttery. Mom had her work cut out for her peeling them since they were older potatoes from the cupboard and reportedly very hard.

The wilted spinach with caramelized onions was another recipe from the “Michael Smith’s Kitchen” cookbook. I think CTG is liking her Christmas 2010 present from her family.We ate 2 large bags of spinach so I made the frying pan look like the picture twice.

There were vanilla cream Kinnikinnick pre packaged cookies for dessert for Mom and GF.

CTG and I got to try to eat an entire Dr. Oetker’s Sauce’n’Cake. Most people I know remember this dessert from when they were kids. I think the stuff is amazing and so easy.

First you open the box of the flavour of your choice and find a baking pan and an egg

Then, you follow directions to mix packet 1. Packet 2 goes over the top dry.

2 c boiling water and it looks weird on its way into the preheated oven.

After baking I looks really tasty and there is a sauce hiding under that baked cake.



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