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Taste of Morocco

Menu: slow cooker chicken; salad; cous cous or rice for starch

Creator of Deliciousness: Cold Turkey Girl (CTG)

We count on CTG for tasty roasts and stews with potatoes and lots of butter. A few weeks ago she mentioned that she wanted to try a new flavour. Somehow Moroccan food was discussed and CTG had a mission.

It turns out her sister had always wanted to make Moroccan food too, so they discussed recipes back and forth for a week. At one point they were planning on cooking together, but transporting hot food can be difficult.

CTG made crock pot chicken that was delicious. CTG skipped the chick peas and diced the onions up very small in hopes that 6 hours in the crock pot would make them not hurt NP. Also our chicken had skin and bones. I’m pretty sure this changes the cooking time but it all turned out well in the end.

The salad was a great fresh balance to the stewed chicken and the option of cous cous (processed wheat and therefore gluten) or rice for starch was ideal.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)


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Stuff in Bowl, on a plate

This weeks MND is brought to you by myself, Glutenfr33k, and a new member of the MND club BFacci. We initially planned on making a play on lasagna using zucchini in place of noodles and everything from scratch, but a delayed dentist appointment put that plan on hold as the timing wasn’t quite right.  Therefore, a backup plan was created based on a Pintrest post on my MND board for “Roasted Harvest Veggie, Curried Avocado + Coconut Rice Bowls”.

The recipe can be found HERE. We made some changes to the recipe in that we didn’t use the butternut squash (ours had gone off, oops), and we did add a meat portion to the meal (we’re all omnivores). We picked up about 1lb of meat total, it was a combination of local free range (antibiotic/hormone free) chicken and pork. We sauteed up the ground meat up in a frying pan, with about 1 tablespoon of panang curry paste, 1-2 teaspoons of madras curry powder, 1-2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper to taste.

So essentially we roasted the sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts in the fantastic sauce recipe provided in the above linked recipe. It makes for a nice and spicy,but not crazy spicy roasted veg.  The rice is fantastic, with coconut milk, unsweetened coconut, and a wee bit of coconut oil. It was pure joy to eat. The original recipe calls for making it on the stove, we made it in a rice cooker just fine. Although, we did double the recipe (we are firm believers in rice is nice).  The guacamole is made in a curry way vs a Mexican way, but this was a really nice variation on the theme.  We left it a bit chunky, for easy combining with all the other foods in the “bowls”.  We couldn’t decide between feta or mild blue cheese crumbled over top so we used both.

There was much fun to be had by all who attempted to eat their “Bowls” of food arranged on plates (BFacci and I were not certain that with the addition of meat all the bits would fit in the bowls) of course BFacci had to be different and have a bowl of food to prove the theory wrong.



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Cheating a turn

Menu: Apple Sage stove top chicken; signature lemon roasted brussel sprouts; cauliflower rice with zucchini added

Creator of deliciousness: FFB and One More (OM)

Because of our busy social lives we’ve fallen off the weekly wagon with our MNDs. However, this week I incorporated our social lives into dinner and brought on a co-host who had plans with us later. I think this counts as cheating a turn as she provided the recipe and pretty much all the groceries for this one.

Sage Apple Chicken Stew

This was my first attempt at cauliflower rice and it was delicious. The zucchini got added to a triple quantity of this recipe because it needed to be eaten, I just cut it and threw it on the grill to cook quickly then added it to the cauliflower long enough to warm up again. I should also note onion was not used this time around due to food restrictions in the group. Also a food processor instead of a cheese grater, just easier.

I’m not sure about the recipe for lemon roasted brussel sprouts but they are tasty and a dish we ask for at pot luck events when OM joins us.

Now onto the chicken. I’m sure this recipe lives on the interweb but I only have it in an email. So, credit to the recipe creator – it wasn’t me. If I were to make the dish again I would go fancy and crisp up fresh sage in brown butter for a heavier flavour into the mixture. Also this recipe seems to have been written up for a single person pan, we used 3 chicken breasts and about 6 chicken thighs (boneless, skinless)

apple sage chicken stew base recipe


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More of Them than Us

Menu: Paleo-Friendly Chicken Stew: mashed sweet potatoes: biscuits (for the non-paleo)

Creator of Deliciousness: FFB

This week I was considering making Chicken Pot Pie for MND. As the week progressed and I invited folks working on Paleo style eating I decided I could make chicken stew more easily. Since I was making a hearty meal I was generous with my invites, in the end with GF traveling and CT busy, there were 6 ppl for dinner but only NP and I to hold the MND standard. We were able to save a serving for CT as she graciously allowed me the use of her apartment even though she wasn’t there.


chicken stewI also tried something new with the biscuits. Using one of my favourite recipes from Everybody Likes Sandwiches I halved all the ingredients. This made 6 biscuits and that way we didn’t tempt the Paleo style eaters too badly with our tasty flaky biscuits.



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White girl – Thai Fusion

Menu: Cashew Chicken; Sweet Potato Chick Pea Curry; rice; fresh baked apple pie

Creator of deliciousness: FFB

With fall rains officially settling in, and the promise of a larger group for MND this week, I went with large servings of comfort food. I originally thought that TB would join us so I planned sweet potato chick pea curry, an easy mildly spiced dish that makes great leftovers. I had thought I would aim for a spicier curried meat, but my thoughts at the store were filled with cashew chicken (fancy stir fry).

Then guests dropped out like flies in the rain, TB had obligations, NP felt hibernation was necessary. This meant more leftovers for me. Maybe GF too, she’s been pretty nice to me.

Sweet Potato Chick Pea Curry is a dish I make often in the winter. Using random curry pastes and powders from my fridge and cupboards it is always a little bit different and yet the same. First I oven roast bite size pieces of sweet potato, Then I throw them and a can of rinsed chick peas in a pot. Then I open a can of coconut milk, pour half in the pot, then add 1 tsp of my dry curry mix(es), and 1 Tbsp of each Patak’s curry paste from my fridge. I stir that and then add to the pot. I usually add another half can of water to make sure all my spicy mixture makes it into the pot. Then I warm it all through and serve.

For the cashew chicken I precooked bite size bits of 9 chicken thighs, then added chopped veggies for about 4 minutes, then added my fancy sauce and let it all cook together for another 3-4 minutes. The sauce thickened up like a dream (a first for my homemade attempts). I could have put the cashews in the wok but let people add their own, also there was fresh Thai basil for the cashew chicken.

If anyone cares the rice was made on the stove top and scooped into a ramekin and then plopped on the plate. That’s how I got it stand so well on its own.

There was an incident earlier in the week causing our communal deep freeze to malfunction, so I had been catching one of my frozen apple pies every time I opened my fridge freezer. I figured I could solve this game of catch by baking it up for our group dinner. No one seemed to mind.


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The UNbirthday

Menu: Flippy chicken, carrots, veggie tray, phad thai, GF chocolate cake

Sometimes you get busy around your birthday, or you are almost a birthday twin with someone celebrating a milestone. This past weekend we decided to belatedly celebrate New Person’s (NP) birthday with an unbirthday potluck.

Since we are all internet and Facebook users I (FFB) managed to set up the evening by creating an event. Sadly, I’m not as Facebook savvy as I pretend as I forgot to invite the host and unbirthday celebrant to her own party. We kept it small and gave ourselves time to get fancy for a night on the town after dinner.

NP went with her feature recipe – Flippy chicken. Rotisserie roasted chicken with a spice rub.

I (FFB) was lazy and found a pre-made veggie tray on sale at the grocery store, it made for a nice appy while we visited.

Friend, who has co-hosted dinners with me in the past, was brave and tried a phad thai recipe on us. It was delicious. NP was even ok with a few green onions being cooked into the base.

CTG went with boiled carrots to make sure we all got a balanced meal.

GF volunteered to make the cake as she’s been spending some time at home these days. A rich and moist coconut flour cake. It had spiced apple jelly between layers and was frosted with a coconut milk chocolate mousse. Because of the mousse the leftover cake needs refrigeration, I don’t think leftovers will last too long.

Even though my master plan for the evening was foiled by Victoria Beer Fest after party-ers filling up the pubs early. It was a great night with tasty eats.


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Wow, that’s a lot of chicken!

Wow, that’s a lot of chicken!

The Monday night dinner on Tuesday crowd welcomed one of Coldturkeygurl’s (CTG) dearest friend’s son to join in the fun. Son is attending the University of Victoria studying something extremely clever and, according to him, staying completely out of trouble. CTG did not believe him at all but he wasn’t going to spill the beans! Also attending was CTG’s parents who contributed by making a huge vat of custard (much to TokenBoy’s joy) and aided in the making of a steamed treacle pudding!

It was CTG’s turn to cook so the repast consisted off Teriyaki Chicken, Broccoli Slaw, Jasmine Rice, Mini Bello Mushrooms sauteed with Onions and Steamed Treacle Pudding with Custard.


This is the second time this chicken recipe has made its appearance and was devoured, yet again, in record time. Now that TokenBoy is all veggie and stuff, FreeFoodBaby cooked up some sauce for him on the side to have with his mushrooms. We are nothing but full service here!


The slaw was another dish making its second appearance. When something is so damn tasty, you gotta serve it again. For this version, CTG used toasted walnuts instead of almonds and the dish did not suffer for the substitution.


Another satisfied customer 😉

Dessert was CTG’s most favourite family dessert, Steamed Treacle Pudding with Bird’s Custard and she got a little over-excited when it was unbowled and more treacly goodness was poured over. She calmed down after devouring a huge serving and got her revenge watching TokenBoy eat his birth weight in custard.

We sent Son home with a plate of goodies, a huge food baby and a smile so it was a successful evening 🙂


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