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Monday night dinner actually happened on a Monday this week

Menu: Pulled pork, biscuits (Gluten full and Gluten Free), roasted potato salad, cole slaw

Creators of deliciousness: Freefoodbaby and Guest Chef

We have been a very busy group of people lately and I (FFB) managed to wrangle our dinner group together on a Monday night. For a group that calls ourselves the Monday Night Dinner Crowd this is a very rare occurrence.

IMG_0037 (1)

I managed to be at my grocery store the day they mark down all the older meats in the case and snagged an $18 pork roast for $9 and this became the basis for my menu. This was my first attempt at purposefully making pulled meat (see Bring the bowl..). Using the crock pot and the tenderizing power of ginger ale it turned out really well. The recipe was pretty simple, put thawed pork in the crock pot add about 1 can of ginger ale and set on high for 5 hours. Drain the meat pull it apart and add BBQ sauce, leave in crock pot on high for another hour.

The biscuits full of gluten were a departure from my usual drop biscuits, easy and delicious. I was able to make them large enough for pulled pork sandwiches.

Guest Chef prepared the coleslaw based mostly on the linked recipe above, but with a few of his adjustments that I didn’t see.


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New Person tries New Things with Success!

Menu: Pulled Pork Sandwiches w/coleslaw

Creator of deliciousness: NP

This week we had stormy stormy weather. NP was gracious enough to allow our island stranded friend Sailor J to join us for dinner. Sailor J provided us with a bottle of white wine since we didn’t know what was on the menu. It arrived chilled and I’m told was good with dinner.

GF brought her own gluten free buns, we gluten eaters, had wonderful soft grocery store bakery rolls. Now some people know the key to a great pulled pork sandwich is to put the coleslaw in it. Others prefer it on the side. When it came to my plate I did both.

Pulled pork was of the slow-cooker variety and everything a good pulled pork should be; saucy; tender and delicious.

I’m pretty sure the coleslaw was the out of the bag kind but I believe the dressing was out of a bottle with salt and pepper added201211 pulled pork.


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Wow, that’s a lot of chicken!

Wow, that’s a lot of chicken!

The Monday night dinner on Tuesday crowd welcomed one of Coldturkeygurl’s (CTG) dearest friend’s son to join in the fun. Son is attending the University of Victoria studying something extremely clever and, according to him, staying completely out of trouble. CTG did not believe him at all but he wasn’t going to spill the beans! Also attending was CTG’s parents who contributed by making a huge vat of custard (much to TokenBoy’s joy) and aided in the making of a steamed treacle pudding!

It was CTG’s turn to cook so the repast consisted off Teriyaki Chicken, Broccoli Slaw, Jasmine Rice, Mini Bello Mushrooms sauteed with Onions and Steamed Treacle Pudding with Custard.


This is the second time this chicken recipe has made its appearance and was devoured, yet again, in record time. Now that TokenBoy is all veggie and stuff, FreeFoodBaby cooked up some sauce for him on the side to have with his mushrooms. We are nothing but full service here!


The slaw was another dish making its second appearance. When something is so damn tasty, you gotta serve it again. For this version, CTG used toasted walnuts instead of almonds and the dish did not suffer for the substitution.


Another satisfied customer 😉

Dessert was CTG’s most favourite family dessert, Steamed Treacle Pudding with Bird’s Custard and she got a little over-excited when it was unbowled and more treacly goodness was poured over. She calmed down after devouring a huge serving and got her revenge watching TokenBoy eat his birth weight in custard.

We sent Son home with a plate of goodies, a huge food baby and a smile so it was a successful evening 🙂


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Veggies Take Centre Stage

Veggies Take Centre Stage

This week’s meal was prepared by Tokenb0y (TB) our vegetarian. I’m not sure what the main dish was actually called, but I’m naming it “Moroccan Ratatouille”. A tomato sauce, eggplant, garbanzo bean dish with wine in the sauce (the alcohol was cooked off and wine flavour was approved by guests).

Moroccan ratatouille

There were roasted potato bits and a broccoli coleslaw. The coleslaw was made from a recipe on Everybody likes sandwiches.   The potato bits I think are fairly self explanatory, chop potatoes, toss in some green herbs, maybe some oil, roast until done.

A casual reference the day before from TB that he didn’t have a dessert planned, allowed this freefoodbaby (FB) to use up some of the many backyard harvested apples in her house for a giant crisp (9″x13″).

Double recipe of crisp was made for this dinner

Leftovers were definitely not an issue as we inhaled large portions and 2nd servings in record time. Hard to believe there were 3 “ladies” present. To show we had some “class” we displayed and discussed silverware etiquette. We realized there are gaps in our knowledge so there will be more discussion. We wouldn’t want to offend our servants in the future.

Not finished yet, please serve me some more.

I'm finished eating, but did not enjoy the meal

I'm done eating this course, please remove my plate

After a nice interval of GF heating up some gourmet hot chocolate, we descended on the apple crisp. TB knows us well enough to provide Udder Guys ice cream. We finished the pint of ice cream but managed to have 3 large servings of leftover crisp to take home. Crisp makes an excellent and balanced breakfast.


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