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It’s a crock!

Menu: Crockpot scalloped potatoes with ham; steamed green beans

Creator of Deliciousness: New Person

As we work on getting back to a regular schedule of MND (Monday Night Dinners) New Person gave us a stick to your ribs slow cooker dish. It was rich and tasty and everything a crock pot meal should be. I (FreeFoodBaby) had been out sailing all day so I was super happy for creamy potatoes and cheese.

New Person made a few adjustments to the Crockpot scalloped potatoes with ham.

She upped the amount of potatoes to 4 pounds (there are 5 of us these days); milk instead of water; and 2 tins cream of mushroom and garlic condensed soup. Ours was cooked 4-5 hours on high.

The richness of our cheesy potatoes and ham was beautifully balanced with steamed green beans.

Once again we all ate more than we intended and left New Person with very little in the way of leftovers. We were so excited to eat this week’s deliciousness I don’t think we took any pictures. But there is a pretty good one on the recipe if you follow the link.

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Thanksgiving – high-living orphans

Menu: Pot-luck

Host of our Deliciousness: Friend and Husband

This year we managed to join family and friends for an excellent thanksgiving feast. Friend and Husband have recently moved to larger place that gives them space to have 11 people show up for dinner.

Their contribution was the spiral cut ham. If you’ve never had the joy of serving spiral cut ham I think you should try it. It’s slightly more expensive for weight but the ease of serving is awesome. I’m looking forward to hopefully being invited to the soup that will be made from the leftover bone.

There was also 2 separate loaves of homemade bread; veggies and dip; quinoa in roasted squash, scalloped potatoes; sweet potato crisp; lemon pepper roasted brussel sprouts; fancy bakery pumpkin pie with whipped cream and 2 apple pies (1 was gluten free pastry)

The standouts for me were the bread, sweet potato crisp ’cause we miss the parental Peddle’s (family recipe) and the brussel sprouts. I have always enjoyed brussel sprouts but these ones were even enjoyed by a few people who said they didn’t like them.

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