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Springtime healthy vegetarian feast for <$20

Date: 11-Apr-2012

Menu: Curried red Lentil and Mushroom burgers w/swiss cheese, Polenta fries, Garden Salad

Sounds simple and a bit plain right? Well….there was food for days. Delicious and tasty and probably even good for us.

I’ll start off waxing poetic about the burgers. Another shout out to one of my favourite food blogs Everybody Likes Sandwiches. I find I often end up making the recipes as they are posted on her site. So when I saw Curried red lentil and mushroom burgers I knew they would make a great Monday night dinner. I used rolled oats to stick the patties together due to our Gluten free friend. (I should have used gluten free rolled oats, but GF can live through some incidental gluten, I’m told) I doubled the recipe and ended up with 12 lovely burgers to bake. I also found that red lentils cook really fast and you need to keep an eye on them.Topped with Swiss cheese ’cause it was on sale.

Most of us had dinner rolls for our burgers, not GF though she just skipped that starch. Homemade guacamole was provided as a topping for the burgers. Also provided; sauteed mushrooms and onions; BBQ sauce; salsa; lettuce; sweet relish; ranch dressing and hot sauce.

Saw the polenta fries recipe in a Chatelaine magazine and thought they would be a good match for burgers. I used the cornmeal package directions for making Polenta. When the notes say to watch for hot spatters they aren’t joking. If I were going to make them again I would cool the Polenta on a cookie sheet for thinner pieces to fry. Also I used 1 T of dried thyme instead of chives. It’s just what was on hand. As it turned out, I enjoyed my reheated polenta fries more than the original night. I think the dried thyme had more time to add flavour while these tasty treats waited in my fridge.

A garden salad was made with lots of fresh veggies and just used some bottled salad dressing options from the fridge. I awarded myself style points for presentation.

I was really happy at the grocery store when my bill was $17.83 for pretty much everything needed to create this meal. We all had leftovers for the next day too. Oh yeah, I made apple crisp for dessert which we enjoyed after a 30 minute intermission to not overstuff ourselves. The link is to the recipe as posted in the past.


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