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The UNbirthday

Menu: Flippy chicken, carrots, veggie tray, phad thai, GF chocolate cake

Sometimes you get busy around your birthday, or you are almost a birthday twin with someone celebrating a milestone. This past weekend we decided to belatedly celebrate New Person’s (NP) birthday with an unbirthday potluck.

Since we are all internet and Facebook users I (FFB) managed to set up the evening by creating an event. Sadly, I’m not as Facebook savvy as I pretend as I forgot to invite the host and unbirthday celebrant to her own party. We kept it small and gave ourselves time to get fancy for a night on the town after dinner.

NP went with her feature recipe – Flippy chicken. Rotisserie roasted chicken with a spice rub.

I (FFB) was lazy and found a pre-made veggie tray on sale at the grocery store, it made for a nice appy while we visited.

Friend, who has co-hosted dinners with me in the past, was brave and tried a phad thai recipe on us. It was delicious. NP was even ok with a few green onions being cooked into the base.

CTG went with boiled carrots to make sure we all got a balanced meal.

GF volunteered to make the cake as she’s been spending some time at home these days. A rich and moist coconut flour cake. It had spiced apple jelly between layers and was frosted with a coconut milk chocolate mousse. Because of the mousse the leftover cake needs refrigeration, I don’t think leftovers will last too long.

Even though my master plan for the evening was foiled by Victoria Beer Fest after party-ers filling up the pubs early. It was a great night with tasty eats.


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Wisdom optional

Menu: Hot Italian Sausages: Summer Vegetables; Mango Lemonade for fancy drinks

Creator of deliciousness: ColdTurkeyGurl (CTG)

This week I’m writing about a dinner I didn’t attend, but I can imagine. We had recently challenged CTG to make MNDs for less than $10.00 of additional groceries, helping her make use of the pantry and foods already in her house pantry/fridge/freezer This week was a success with only $5.62 spent on the Italian Sausages (and the juice?).

FFB had ALL her wisdom teeth out in one go so she was a social guest with her own homemade smoothie and avocado chocolate pudding.

Since I had to work, and FFB needed supervision I sent a new New Person to dinner with the usual crowd. The meal was deliciously simple, steamed carrots and green beans still crisp, with nuthin’ added, not even butter. Hot Italian sausage, my assumption is fried but I forgot to ask.

A reminder of TokenBoy at the table, as a hot mustard that he brought back for us from his travels was available to spice up the entree.

There was no dessert offered as we may be stepping away from that, with a few of us watching our calories for sport training. Although I do have a sweet tooth so maybe “healthy” desserts will feature soon.

I am really looking forward to actually being at the next MND. I think the $10.00 challenge will live for another week.


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